Weasel Anime
Name Weasel
Kanji ヴィーザル
Romanji Vizaru
Appears In Anime and Manga
Age 84
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Knight
ÄRMs Seed Cannon
Bomb Grass
Deadly Field
Bird of Rotten Wood
Floating Leaf
Seiyū (Japanese) Kenichi Ogata

Weasel (also referred to as Vidar or Vizaru) is the name of a fictional character in MÄR and a member of the Chess Pieces as the 6th strongest Knight. Weasel is the last and oldest of the top-level knights. Weasels most bizzare characteristic is the tree growing out of his head containing all his magic power. He is always seen holding a wood cane inside which he hides all his ÄRMs and is voiced by Ken'ichi Ogata.


It was he who fought Jack's father, Jake in the 1st War Games, resulting in the man's death when Weasel used Bird of Rotting Wood. Weasel and Jake used to be friends.


Pre-War GamesEdit

Weasel was present at Phantom's revival. In the Chess Piece's war campaign, he attacked an unnamed castle by covering it in wood. He is a candidate of who Halloween should have punish Gido in Ian's place.

War GamesEdit

Peta later mentions to Phantom that Weasel is amongst the Chess Pieces that would like to fight Ginta Toramizu.

Weasel was seen with the other Knights after the 3rd Round of the War Games.

He fights Jack in the final round of the 2nd War Games who reminds Weasel about Jake. Throughout the match Jack suprisingly does the same things as his old man. In the end Weasel is defeated by Jack, who used Kikazoku Fire to burn the tree on his head. Weasel seems to have developed a great amount of respect for Jack and honorable accepts defeat.


Weasel is a plant Guardian ÄRM user:

  • Seed Cannon: A Nature ÄRM summoning cannons to fire fruits and vegetables as bullets.
  • Bomb Grass: A Nature ÄRM which summons a strange kind of exploding plants.
  • Floating Leaf: A Nature ÄRM, a large leaf that is used by the user to float in the air.
  • Deadly Field: A Darkness ÄRM, used to wither all the plants around the users, with the exception of the tree on top of Weasel's head.
  • Yggdrasil: A Guardian ÄRM which calls out an enormous, invincible tree. Weasel can control various parts of the tree for an attack. In the anime, it feeds on the suffering of others to grow very large.
    • Dance of the Leaves: An attack of Yggdrasil, many leaves launch themselves towards the enemy and cuts them.
    • Snaky Bow: An attack of Yggdrasil, grows large 'snakes' our of the tree's branches used to attack the enemy.
  • Bird of Rotten Wood: Guardian ÄRM, a bird born with wooden structure of such blighted plant that will wither any greens to its own bleak figure.