Team MÄR
MAR emblem
Kanji メル
Romanji Meru
Leader Ginta
Other Members Alan, Alviss, Dorothy, Jack, Nanashi, Snow

Team MÄR are the main protagonists in the popular manga and anime series MÄR: Marchen Awakens Romance by Nobuyuki Anzai.

It is the group led by Ginta, a boy from Earth world, to fight on MÄR-Heaven's behalf in the quantitively undermined Cross Guard's stead in the 2nd War Game. It consists of seven warriors from varying factions allying with one another in the interest of bringing about the Chess Pieces' downfall, founded by Snow, princess of Lestava. Its birth was prophesied by the Oracle of Lestava to be MÄR-Heaven's new defender and the one that will see the Chess Pieces come to its ruin.


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The cold figure of MÄR, Alviss is the one who brought Ginta into MÄR-Heaven. He joined the Cross Guard in the 1st War Game and grew fond of their leader, Danna, with whom he shared the very same goal for which they put their lives at risk, to fight the Chess and protect MÄR-Heaven. This pure courage, however, got Alviss further than he could ever have expected even in his wildest dream, Phantom also chose him as one who would reside in the dreary future of MÄR-Heaven, in the form of a Zombie-tattooed undead. He along with Dorothy appear 6 years after the second war games. He and Alan have fought in both war games.


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Ginta ToramizuEdit

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Nanashi was found by Galian in the middle of nowhere, lying alone and nearly dead due to a nasty wound in his stomach. After he was revived by him and taken to the bandit Guild of Luberia, it turned out he had no memory of his past or even his name, and thus Galian named him Nanashi (nameless). Galian would later betray Nanashi, joining the Chess Pieces and leaving him in charge of Luberia after erasing his memory of him. Nanashi's main goal is to track down the Chess Piece responsible for wiping out Luberia (Peta) and avenge his slain allies.


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