Straw Doll (Spikes and Hammer)
Straw Doll
Name Straw Doll (Spikes and Hammer)
Type Darkness
User Loco

The Straw Doll is one of Loco's "Seven cursed tools", a Darkness ÄRM in the shape of a straw man. Metal stakes are hammered into ringed points on the straw man's body to damage the enemy in a Voodoo doll fashion. Using this ÄRM causes the user to decrease in age.

This may account for a large portion of the "seven" tools. Negzero is used first to paralyze opponents, the doll is second, the hammer is third, and then the spike(s) may account for the rest. Perhaps the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of them.

Loco has 4 (possibly 5?) spikes to go along with her hammer. But victims typically die from shock before all of them are used.

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