Name Saturn
Appears In Anime only
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Zonnen
ÄRMs Eisenkugel
Seiyū (Japanese) Rikiya Koyama

Saturn is the leader of the Zonnen, a sect of the Chess Pieces. He is voiced by Rikiya Koyama in the anime.

Backround Edit

As with the rest of the Zonnen, Saturn enlisted into the Chess Pieces during their heyday of destruction. Unfortunately, the Zonnen committed such acts of violence that even Phantom was disgusted by them. Because of this, despite Saturn's high level of strength, he was viewed as nothing but a mere thug and rather than be promoted, he was sent away to a distant location with the rest of the Zonnen. After the death of Phantom, he managed to eventually break free.

Personality Edit

Although bearing the insignia of Rook class, this man actually possesses Knight-ranked magic power, and also the viciousness of one. Limiting extreme sadism to the fiendish Zonnens, Saturn is unparalleled: he takes pleasure in turmoils and disturbances, and prides himself on the Zonnens' justly earned notoriety as 'monsters' (化け物, lit. bakemono). Saturn's psychopathy even leads him as far as to prolong the deaths of his opponents by torturing them fastidiously instead of just killing them forthwith. He endures Phantom's disfavour with sore, but is by no means despondent, as he finds soothing solace in killings.

Plot Edit

War Games Edit

As the war is indefinitely impeded with Phantom holding the War Games, Saturn seeks to eradicate this hindrance by scheming the collapse of Team MÄR. He besieges their Training Gates, immobilizes Alan (the one in charge of organizing the Gate trainings) outside them and commissions his Zonnens as MÄR's assailants.

When they all fail Saturn turns on Alan, who is significantly weakened under the curse of his Darkness ÄRM, in the hope it will exile Team MÄR to the Training Gate for eternity. Unbeknownst to him, under Alan's instructions Merilo appeals for Team MÄR's accumulated magic power from the Gates, and the deus ex machina ultimately reverses upon Saturn in lieu of Alan. Saturn is metamorphosed into a beast and is destroyed by the combined powers of Dorothy's Flying Leo, Snow's Yuki-chan, Alviss' 13 Totem Poles, Nanashi's Electric Eye, Jack's Earth Beans, and Ginta using Babbo's Gargoyle form.

ÄRM Edit

Saturn's ÄRM are:

  • Eisenkugel: A one-ball chain-shot Weapon ÄRM.
  • Finsternis: A Darkness ÄRM that paralyzes the opponent in a seemingly painful hold, requiring magic power equivalent to that of a Knight. If others step near the victim of this ÄRM, they will be pushed back and possibly knocked out. The compensation for this ÄRM is that when it is destroyed, the user will be transformed into a one-horned wolf-like beast surrounded in a dark aura.
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