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Sarah Band
Sarah Band Char.png
Name Sarah Band
Appears In Anime only
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Ghost Chess
ÄRMs Scythe Hand
Ark Torff
Gemul Essen
Seiyū (Japanese) Yuu Asakawa

Sarah Band (also referred to as Sara or Saraband)

The female vice-captain of the Ghost Chess. She's loyal to Kapellmeister. In the final fight with Team MÄR, she uses a Ghost ÄRM with the ability to drain energy on them, and ends up killing herself.


Sarah Band's ÄRM are:

  • Scythe Hand: An unnamed Ghost ÄRM that turns the user's hands into scythe blades. Owned by Sarah Band.
  • Ark Torff:Turns the users hands into two bow-like constructs with demonic faces that absorb the magical power of enemies. If Ark Torff is countered, the user will rapidly age until they die. Owned by Sarah Band.
  • Gemul Essen:A flower-like pendant that is planted over the heart of a victim, allowing the user to control their body. Owned by Sarah Band.