Rogelu brothers
Rogelu Brothers manga
Name Rogelu brothers
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) Manga Chapter 6
Gender Male
Seiyū (Japanese) Garu Rogelu: Tomoyuki Shimura
Ruga Rogelu: Hiroshi Matsumoto
Voice actor(s) (English) Garu Rogelu: Kirk Thornton
Ruga Rogelu: Richard Epcar

The Rogelu brothers are two vegetarian werewolves who used to steal the vegetables grown in Jack's garden.

Their names are Garu Rogelu and Ruga Rogelu.

Their surname and given names are a play on the french term "Loup Garou" which means werewolf. It is used in Quebec.

They threatened to kill Jack and his mother at first, but were defeated and repelled by Ginta Toramizu and Jack.

The Rogelu Brothers later made amends with Jack's mother and help out with the farming and earned their food (vegetables).