Rapunzel Anime
Name Rapunzel
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Anime) Episode 10
Age 29 (Deceased)
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Knight
ÄRMs Hair Master
Ice Spikes
Seiyū (Japanese) Yuko Sasaki
Voice actor(s) (English) Melodee Spevack

Rapunzel is the name of a character in MÄR. Rapunzel is a member of the Chess Pieces and the older sister of Girom.


Although she is one of the weakest Knights, Rapunzel is arrogant, riotous, and, despite being quite far from most vision of beauty herself, always boasts of hers and looks down upon others', earning her the dislike of many Knights. Possibly her only redeeming quality is that she loves her little brother Girom.

She is also very defensive of her age, claiming to be 29 years old, when Dorothy kept calling her an old hag.


Rapunzel was once apart of a happy family however, things took sad turn when her father died. As children she and her brother Girom were often abused by their mother since their father died, prompting them to chop her to death with an axe while she was sleeping one day and the two matricides ran away.


Pre-War GamesEdit

She was present as Phantom's revival. In the campaign of the 2nd War Games, Rapunzel was responsible for the capture of Reginrave castle.

War GamesEdit

Rapunzel was seen with the rest of the Knights after the 3rd Round. She persuaded Phantom to let her and Girom fight in the 4th Round. When someone on her team loses to Team MÄR, she challenges the loser of her team to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and ends up decapitating them if they lose. After Ginta Toramizu defeated Girom, Rapunzel wanted to fight Ginta only for Dorothy to step in. She loses to Dorothy who uses Crazy Quilt as a distraction so she can attack Rapunzel with her Broom of Zephyrus. After the 5th Round of the War Games, her actions helps cement Phantom's judgment: as punishment for slaying her comrades, he has the rook Ian battle and kill her (by decapitation in the manga, and incineration in the anime) in battle in front of Girom's eyes and usurp her Knighthood.


Rapunzel's ÄRMs include:

  • Ice Spikes: A Nature ÄRM which creates several streams of giant icicles along the ground. It can also be used to make a sort of bear trap out of two spiked walls.
    • Spike Sandwich: After creating walls of ice spikes in the ground on either side of her opponent, Rapunzel flips the walls upward like the jaws of a bear trap, killing them.
  • Hair Master: A Nature ÄRM allowing her to manipulate her already odd hair, turning it into several very sharp and hard, tentacle-like drills - an obvious pun on the name Rapunzel.

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