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Rain Dog (レインドッグ, Reindoggu) is a giant three-tailed dog Guardian ÄRM. Nicknamed "Toto" (トト, Toto) by Dorothy, it is her favorite ÄRM.

Toto can eat absolutely anything, including ÄRMs and their users. Although sentient and extremely powerful, Toto is afraid of Dorothy's wrath since he knows that without her he wouldn't have "good food" to eat, such as powerful ÄRMs.

Etymology and Origin[]

In the Oz series, Toto is Dorothy Gale's most beloved companion. Depicted as a Cairn Terrier, he never spoke in the first book during his first visit to the Land of Oz with Dorothy, although other animals, native to Oz, did. In subsequent books, other animals gained the ability to speak upon reaching Oz or similar lands, but he remained speechless.