Python Whip
Manga | Anime
Python Whip
Name Python Whip
Type Weapon
User Ian
First Manga Appearance Chapter 18
First Anime Appearance Episode 7
Python Whip 2
The Python Whip bracelet

The Python Whip is a bracelet class Weapon ÄRM. While unactivated it is a series of connected triangular links that wraps all the way around the wrist. When the ÄRM becomes invoked a whip extends from the bracelet. The whip is made up of links that resemble the ones in its bracelet form. At the end of the whip is a sharp piece of metal in a shape reminiscent of a snake's head.

A skilled user of the whip can manipulate it so that the strikes are to quick for an enemy to react to as seen with Ian. Also by concealing the bracelets when attacking it makes it hard for the enemy to determine how exactly the whip is being controlled. All of this is effective at creating good confusion in a battle.

The disadvantage of this weapon is that because the whip is connected to the bracelet on the users wrist if the enemy can grab the whip then it effectively stops the user from escaping.

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