Princess of Reginlief
Princess Anime
Name Princess of Reginlief
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) Manga Chapter 41
Gender Female
Affiliation Reginlief
Seiyū (Japanese) Sayori Ishizuka

The Princess of Reginlief (also referred to as Princess Reginrave) helped hold the War Games to protect her people.

In the anime, she was later kidnapped by Alibaba so she could guide him to the legendary Hero ÄRM. The ÄRM was later lost due to the place collasping; her knight, Cal, used it against Loco, who tried to defeat him with her ÄRM (Animal Chain). The princess praises Cal for his heroism, and begins to return his feelings for her.

The princess is seen alongside Cal offering as they offer their magical power to Ginta in the final battle against Orb. At the end of the anime, the princess marries Cal, with Gaira, Ed and Lestarva's King supporting them.