Name Pozun
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces
ÄRMs Andata

Pozun is a small, purple, dwarf-like creature with a giant tail. He referees the War games, and appears to be on the side of the Chess Pieces, though none of them treat him very well. Pozun will often bend the rules a bit towards either side when his life is threatened; for example, Halloween often bullies him into various things.

Pozun never was a very complex character but he did appear in many episodes considering he referees all the Matches in the war games, He is often the source of comical relief in the War games.

Episode 80 reveals he has a little sister named Porin.

They are seen again at the ending enjoying the water restored to the village after the end of the MAR war.

He had been working for the chess to protect his sister since his village needed water.

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