Name Poko
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) Chapter 117
Gender Male
Seiyū (Japanese) Kōichi Sakaguchi

Poko (sometimes spelled Poco) is the strange being inside Pinocchion's Guardian ÄRM, Fastitocalon. He was sentenced there by Diana after he stepped on the hem of her dress. ÄRM cannot be used inside Fastitocalon unless he wills it, which he usually never does since anytime he lets someone else Fastitocalon swallowed use their ÄRM they just escape with Dimension ÄRM, abandoning him. Finally, Dorothy manages to convince him otherwise so he allows her to use her Guardian, Toto, to burst from inside the whale guardian and free them both after Dorothy is eaten during her fight with Pinocchion.

In the anime, after being freed, Poko eventually establishes a bond with a whale and often uses them to do transport business.