Name Pluto
Appears In Anime only
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Zonnen
ÄRMs Lippenstift
Seiyū (Japanese) Kaworu Sasajima

Pluto is a member of the Zonnen, a sect of the Chess Pieces. She is partnered with her sisters Uranus and Neptune. She is voiced by Kaworu Sasajima in the anime.

Personality Edit

Second oldest sister of the trio siblings, Pluto's also the more protective and aggressive one of the three sisters. Pluto's entirely fearless of any kinds of weapon or opponent she might face against, for she has an ultimate ace up her sleeve. To make the sneaky strike infallible Pluto's also capable of imitating that person's personality to a certain, but only superficial, extent. Though the weakness passes the eyes of Snow, it is later the ultimate flaw that exposes her identity to Dorothy when she takes Snow form, leading to the ambush's failure.

Plot Edit

War Games Edit

As part of the Zonnen's plot to destroy Team MÄR, the trio of siblings attack the Training Gate of Dorothy and Snow. To help, she captures and guises Merilo, the Guardian of Alan. They then lure in Snow, doing the same to her. The trio has Uranus chase her while she's disguised as Snow. Dorothy, however, sees through this and frees Snow, and together they defeat the three siblings. As a result, they are locked in the Training Gate forever.

ÄRM Edit

Pluto's ÄRM are:

  • Lippenstift: A lipstick Dimension ÄRM with the ability to transform its user into an exact replica of the victim, and he/she will suffer all the injures in the user's stead.
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