Pinocchion Anime
Name Pinocchion
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Knight
ÄRMs Saw Blade
Seiyū (Japanese) Nao Nasagawa

Pinocchion is the name of a character in MÄR. Pinocchion is the 2nd weakest Knight (following Rapunzel's death) of the Chess Pieces and the shortest of the Knights. He is voiced by Nao Nasagawa in the Japanese version.


Pinocchion started out as a puppet made by Diana when Dorothy was a child. Unfortunately, Dorothy hated the doll and eventually broke him. He was later repaired and brought to life to serve as a Chess Piece


Pre-War GamesEdit

Pinocchion was present at Phantom's revival.

War GamesEdit

After the 3rd Round of the War Games, Pinocchion was seen with the other Knights. In the 6th round, it was ordered to defeat Dorothy if he wished to become human. Like his namesake, his nose grows when he lies, but it transforms into a cannon after about three lies and can be used to shoot his opponents. He used his ÄRM Fastitocalon to swallow Dorothy, but she managed to use a Dimension ÄRM to escape. He is ripped apart by Dorothy's ÄRM Toto who destroyed Fastitocalon. Chaton managed to gather the pieces of him.

Post-War GamesEdit

In the anime, Pinocchion was later rebuilt and assisted Girom and Kouga when trying to capture Kaldea's Grand Elder only to be defeated by Dorothy and Ginta Toramizu. They were seen riding Kouga's Kung Fu Frog somewhere to get Revenge on Ginta, Dorothy, and Alviss, but are easily defeated.


A Weapon ÄRM user:

  • Saw Blade: Weapon ÄRM. Creates 3 saw-like swords Pinocchion can use as weapons.
  • Fastitocalon: A Guardian ÄRM that creates a giant whale to attack his foes. Those who are swallowed, save for the cursed Poko, ultimately die and are dissolved down to the bones thanks to its slimy digestive juices.


Pinocchion also has other abilities that are not ÄRM-based:

  • Liar Nose: Pinocchion starts telling lies, causing his nose to grow until it becomes a cannon to blast his enemies.
  • Third Arm: Pinocchion uses a third arm concealed above his right arm.
  • Wire Hand: Pinocchion launches his hands on wires from all three of his arms to grab his opponent.
  • Buzzsaw Chest: Pinocchion reveals a buzzsaw in his chest for slicing up enemies. This is best used after grabbing his enemy with Wire Hand to pull them into it.
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