Pawns are the lowest rank in the Chess Pieces, a group bent on the destruction of MÄR Heaven. Pawns are only allowed to wear identical masks and are only given weak ÄRMs like a spear or two spickes to be worn on their arms.


Pawns helped attack several unamed towns in the First Great War. Then they went on another rampage in the Second Great War before returning to HQ before the The War Games except the only classified pawn, Gido, who accompanied Ian to fight Ginta and friends before The War Games. To enter the War Games, Cross Guard and Team MAR members had to defeat a pawn (besides members who Phantom thought was unworthy). After that pawns are hardly ever mentionied in the series besides Gido.

List of Known PawnsEdit




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Went with her boyfriend Ian to confront Ginta and friends, after Ian was defeated Gido attempted to fight Jack but was defeated in one shot. As punisment for Ian, Gido was transformed into a creature by Chimera. Later Ian defeated Chimera and changed Gido back to normal. In the anime, they met with Ash who saves them from King.