Pause Char
Name Pause
Appears In Anime only
Debut (Anime) Episode 86
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Ghost Chess
ÄRMs Verfile
Seiyū (Japanese) Akeno Watanabe

A child who accompanies General and acts the spokesperson for both. Like all the Ghost Chess soldiers, Pause admires his leader Kapel Meister and often addresses him as 'brother'.

Under Kapel Meister's orders, Pause and General set out to find and bring Alviss to Phantom. They come across Alan, Nanashi and Ed and attack them once they learn Alviss is not with them. However, the two are quickly defeated and forced to retreat.

When Team MÄR overpowers the Ghost Chess, Pause and his fellow soldiers were betrayed as Kapel Meister absorbed them into his body. He struggles for air, begging for General to help him before perishing.


Pause's ÄRM are:

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