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Name Pano
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) Manga Chapter 43
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Rook
ÄRMs Ball Hammer
Seiyū (Japanese) Yuko Sasamoto
Voice actor(s) (English) Michele Specht

Pano Rodokin is a Rook in the Chess Pieces, the series' main antagonists. She is voiced by Yuko Sasamoto in the Japanese anime and by Michele Specht in the American anime.


Pano is the daughter of Garon and the sister of Leno, and the only Chess Piece to defeat Jack throughout the War Games, though she loses in their rematch. In both battles, at some point Jack is comically hit in the groin by Pano. Using Jack's mushrooms, it's discovered she's scared of bats, being immobilized, leeches, and likes pretty flowers and butterflies. She wears a skimpy outfit consisting only of a blue bra with black pants and always goes barefoot.

Pano's most notable trait is her relationship with Jack, who she falls in love with during the series. They later get married.[1]


War Games[]

Pano first appeared with her family in the 1st Round of the War Games, where she managed to defeat Jack by hitting him in the groin with her Weapon ÄRM. Jack and Pano have a rematch in the 3rd Round, where Jack uses his mushrooms to force Pano to surrender. While under the effect of the mushrooms, Pano sees an absurdely handsome vision of Jack, and is quick to fall in love with him followed by a hug. Once the illusion is removed, however, Pano quickly becomes angry at Jack and kicks him in his "family jewels". Pano later appeared during Jack's battle with Weasel, where she gave her support to Jack and encouraged him throughout the battle.

Post-War Games[]

In the anime, she later reappeared stealing food where she reunites with several members of Team MÄR, including Jack, where she reveals King's mass murder of several Chess Pieces, including her brother and father. After King is defeated, Pano lives with Jack and his mother on their farm together, and it appears that her family doesn't mind her relationship with Jack.


Pano's ÄRM are:

  • Ball Hammer: Pano's mace Weapon ÄRM. Has a detachable ball head with radar skills to track down opponents and can separate into 4 sections to attack from different angles.


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