Name Mercury
Appears In Anime only
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Zonnen
ÄRMs Astale Kuspus
Seiyū (Japanese) Junji Majima

Mercury is a member of the Zonnen, a sect of the Chess Pieces. He is teamed with Mars. He is voiced by Junji Majima in the anime.

Personality Edit

Mercury, in contrast to his partner's personality, is a modest and humble person. He is, however, just as overconfident as the rest of the Zonnen.

Plot Edit

War Games Edit

He and Mars attack Ginta Toramizu and Jack's Training Gate as part of the Zonnen's plot to destroy Team MÄR. However, their overconfidence leads to their downfall, and they are trapped in the Training Gate forever.

ÄRM Edit

Mercury's ÄRM are:

  • Astale Kuspus: Mercury's ring Weapon ÄRM, a set of seven swords darting at opponent at the whims of its user. When the final technique is commence, they will join together to form a giant shichishito.
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