Name Mars
Appears In Anime only
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Zonnen
ÄRMs Alcan Shield
Seiyū (Japanese) Akira Tomisaka

Mars is a member of the Zonnen, a sect of the Chess Pieces. She is partnered with Mercury. She is voiced by Akira Tomisaka in the Japanese anime.

Personality Edit

Mars is a snobbish girl with derisive air constantly about. However as with the rest of the Zonnens, she is overconfident with her powers.

Plot Edit

War Games Edit

She and Mercury are assigned to attack Ginta Toramizu and Jack's part of the Training Gate as part of the Zonnen's plot to kill Team MÄR. Their overconfidence in their abilities, however, lead to their demise to the two's hands, and they are trapped in the Training Gate forever.

ÄRM Edit

Mars' ÄRM are:

  • Alcan Shield: Mars' ring Nature ÄRM which sets a rainbow rope about its target to limit movements/creates a mammoth rainbow-colored shield to fend off blasts
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