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MÄR-Heaven is a fictional world in the anime and manga series MÄR, and its sequel series MÄR Omega. It is largely based upon fairy tales, and is set in a world similar to the Middle Ages of Europe in the real world.


The present and related past events unfolding in MÄR-Heaven see two catastrophic wars - each of which when waged literally desecrates MÄR-Heaven to ruins, sparked into existence by the Chess Pieces. Better known as the 1st & 2nd Great MÄR-Heaven Wars (第一 /二次メルヘヴン大戦; Literally meaning "Dai ichi/niji Meruhevun Taisen"), both wars take place at a four-year interval, the 1st 6 years prior to the current timeline and the 2nd in present time, which came off with clockwork precision - at precisely 5:12 PM[1] in every (presumably, economically/culturally prominent) kingdom & noteworthy spot around MÄR-Heaven.[2], blitzkriegs executed by Chess Pieces Knights with each's own troops were launched into action. Thousands of civilians were indiscriminately slaughtered, facility damage beyond measure, kingdoms fell one after another - during the 2nd War, in a matter or days, 40% of MÄR-Heaven yielded to the Chess' domination in this manner[3]. Whatever remained of MÄR-Heaven after the war campaign's onslaughts would then be witness to War Game - the Chess' last blow to eradicate (if any) left threats and flaunts their superiority. However in this final climax of both wars, MÄR-Heaven's eventual peace was championed, and triumphed for, by the Cross Guard (1st War) and Team MÄR (2nd war).


The world of MÄR-Heaven is split into three separate continents each containing a number of countries.

The three continents are:


Chess PiecesEdit

(チェスの兵隊, Chesu no Koma)
Main article: Chess Pieces
MÄR-Heaven's predominant rebellious faction aiming to tyrannise over the entire world.

Cross GuardEdit

(クロスガード, Kurosu Gado)
Main article: Cross Guard
MÄR-Heaven's guardian faction aiming to defend the world against the Chess Pieces. It was founded approximately 6 years ago uniting warriors from all over the world.


(ルベリア, Ruberia)
Main article: Luberia
MÄR-Heaven's governing thief guild. It was founded by Galian gathering people who all have touched bottom and has prospered under the two reigns of Galian and later Nanashi.

Team MÄREdit

(メル, Meru)
Main article: Team MÄR
It is the group led by Ginta Toramizu to fight on MÄR-Heaven's behalf in the quantitatively undermined Cross Guard's stead in the 2nd War Game.



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MÄR by Nobuyuki Anzai
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