Kanji レスターヴァ
Romanji Resutavua
Location Statistics
Located In Southern Continent

Lestava (sometimes referred to as Lestarva) is the most powerful kingdom in MÄR-Heaven, located on the southernmost continent on the planet.

Its monarchs, the Lestava's Royal Family, reign this entire continent from the Lestava castle - the most beautiful, largest castle that symbolizes MÄR-Heaven. Lestava of the current time is justly ruled by a king and his two queens, the first passed away 4 years after bearing the kingdom its only heiress, Princess Snow and the second - Diana - married into the royal family two years afterwards. As the world's supreme government, in the wake of the Chess Pieces and its Great MÄR-Heaven war campaign, Lestava organized a mass of soldiers from other countries into one united Cross Guard (while Diana provided them with ÄRMs as weapons), which successfully stood its ground against the Chess.

After this victory, however, the sturdy pillar of Lestava's leadership itself began rocking as the Queen Diana started showing a dreadful decadence of morals: she expressed unsatisfiable greeds for everything (foods, fineries, ÄRMs, and eventually the whole of MÄR-Heaven), removed all those opposed her and secretly gained control of the kingdom in the king's illness. When more and more suspicious people showed up inside the palace and Diana turned to target Princess Snow herself, Alan (a Lestava soldier) who was stationed in the castle, apprehended the graveness of the situation and escaped Diana's pursuit with Snow. As it turned out, Diana was in fact the Queen of the Chess, her suspicious minions the Chess Pieces, and during the 2nd War (which followed soon after), the castle of Lestava got occupied by the Chess as its headquarter and set levitating about ground level.

After the Chess Pieces was vanquished in the War Game, all of the castle's occupants evacuated from the place, releasing the site from their grasps and the king of Lestava from imprisonment. Lestava then continued its reign in peace (in the anime, without Snow who merged with Koyuki from Earth world, however).

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