Leno Anime
Name Leno
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Manga) Manga Chapter 43
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Rook
ÄRMs Storm Kadarm
Flame Ball
Seiyū (Japanese) Makoto Yasumura
Voice actor(s) (English) Doug Erholtz

Leno Rodokin is a Rook in the Chess Pieces. He is voiced by Doug Erholtz.

Backround Edit

Ever since childhood, Leno and his sister, Pano, have been trained by their father, Garon, in the usage of ÄRM. Leno, however, was angry that, while Garon had high-level ÄRM, Leno would only get weaker ones. At one day in training, Leno ran away, with Pano chasing after him. Garon searched for his children, eventually finding them being attacked by a bear-like monster, which Garon defeated without using an ÄRM. Leno would not learn this detail until much later in his life.

Personality Edit

Leno strongly believed that only ÄRM can bring strength until he learned the truth from his sister. Leno is quite close to the rest of his family. He constantly warns his free-spirited sister about how to talk to Knights or rooting for the enemy.

Plot Edit

War Games Edit

Leno if first introduced during the first round of the War Games alongside the rest of his family. Leno chooses to go up against Alviss. Leno, however, is no match for Alviss and is quickly blown away.

During Garon's battle with Ginta Toramizu, Leno believes it's all over once Garon's ÄRM are destroyed. Pano, however, reveals the truth to Leno, much to his suprise, as Leno finally learns what really brings strength.

Much later, Leno and Pano confront Weasel about his upcoming battle with Jack. When Pano tells Weasel to lose, Leno warns her about talking that way to a Knight. During the two's battle, Leno tells his sister not to root for the enemy, claiming that Jack is ugly, though Pano doesn't agree. After the battle between Ginta and Phantom, Leno and his family disappear alongside most of the other Chess Pieces.

Post-War Games Edit

After the War Games, Leno reappears carrying his father, with the two having been wounded by King. They barely make it to Pano in time for her to see them die, much to her horror. After King's death, Leno and Garon are shown to be revived. They are last seen during the final episode's end credits giving Jack a thumbs up, showing they support Jack and Pano's relationship.

ÄRM Edit

Leno's ÄRM are:

  • Storm Kadarm: Weapon ÄRM, a set of swords that attaches to the user's arms. These can act as both offensive and defensive weapons.
  • Flame Ball: Nature ÄRM, creates balls of fire that float around the user that can be launched as projectiles or used to strengthen weapon ÄRM.
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