Kouga Anime
Name Kouga
Kanji コウガ
Romanji Kouga
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Knight
ÄRMs Daimonji
Sand Hell
Kung Fu Frog
Seiyū (Japanese) Daisuke Gouri

Kouga is the name of a character in MÄR. He is a member of the Chess Pieces and the largest and the weakest of the Knights. Kouga is voiced by Daisuke Gouri.


He is sensitive about his ugliness, due to which as a child he was "treated miserably" as he puts it. He used the bullying to motivate himself to become strong enough to crush the people who did it to him. Because of his ugliness, he hates good-looking boys such as Alviss, claiming that they don't have the face of a truly strong man.

He has a high opinion of himself, often referring to himself as "Ore-sama," Japanese for "The Great Me," or "Lord Me" despite the fact that out of all the Knights he is the weakest.


Pre-War GamesEdit

Kouga was present at Phantom's revival.

War GamesEdit

Kouga is seen with the other Knights after the 3rd Round. Kouga appears in the 6th Round of the War Games where he faces off against Alviss. Kouga hates Alviss for being so handsome as he thinks people with good appearance carries dark hearts. He's extremely arrogant and dense, and refers to himself as "Lord Me," or "The Great Me" (aka "Ore-sama"). However Alviss comments that his power level is even lower than Rapunzel's - making him the weakest Zodiac Knight of the Chess Pieces. As expanded upon in the anime, despite how both his magical powers and ÄRM strength are more along Bishop class, Kouga rose to Knight Class due to how he takes an unusually low damage to most attacks and his vast amount of strength when shown how he withstood the 13 Totem Poles attack. When Kouga summons his Guardian ÄRM Kung Fu Frog, it proved too fast for Alviss. Alviss summons his Guardian ÄRM Á Bao A Qu and uses it to defeat Kouga when his Guardian's attack sends Kouga to the mushrooms below. He was dragged from the bottom by Chaton when the 6th Round was over.

Post-War GamesEdit

Kouga later reappears with Pinocchio and Girom in a mission to kidnap the Kaldea Elder, and is later defeated by Dorothy and Ginta Toramizu. He is last seen somewhere with Pinocchio and Girom, riding Kung Fu frog.


A user of ninja-themed Weapon ÄRMs:

  • Daimonji: A Weapon ÄRM that forms a giant, five-bladed shuriken. Kouga uses this in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Centipede: A Weapon ÄRM that turns into a huge centipede attached to the user's hand to attack.
  • Smokescreen: A Nature ÄRM which creates gray mist that can hide almost anything, even magic power.
  • Sand Hell: A Dimension ÄRM that creates quicksand around his opponent's feet.
  • Kung Fu Frog: A Guardian ÄRM that summons a huge red frog to attack with martial arts. Its speed is said to be in the top class among Guardians.
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