Kollekio Anime
Name Kollekio
Appears In Anime and Manga
Debut (Anime) Episode 32
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Bishop
ÄRMs Magic Hammer
Seiyū (Japanese) Tetsuharu Ohta

Kollekio is a Bishop of the Chess Pieces.


Kollekio is a very controlled character, he has a desire to kill one of Team MÄR when he hopes Rapunzel is watching. He refers to himself in third person when speaking of his actions.

His appearance is a blue goblin in a jester outfit.


War GamesEdit

He fought against Jack in the 4th round of the War Games. He made Jack shrink during the battle with an attack of Magic Hammer. Jack, however, was able to defeat him by making Earth Beans grow inside his body. Rapunzel did not take the news of this lightly and challenged Kollekio to a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Kollekio lost and was beheaded by Rapunzel.


  • Magic Hammer: A hammer Weapon ÄRM that when it hits its targets, it will reduce their size to bean's size.
  • Slowpoke: A ring Darkness ÄRM which can make someone unable to move with the side effect of the caster gaining temporary blindness.

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