Kapel Meister
Kapel Meister Char
Name Kapel Meister
Appears In Anime only
Debut (Anime) Episode 85
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Ghost Chess
ÄRMs Jikan No Rondo
Mekai No Analize
Seiyū (Japanese) Jin Horikawa

Kapellmeister is the leader of the Ghost Chess and admirer of Phantom.

After losing the War Games, Diana banishes Phantom from the Chess Pieces. Seeing little reason to live anymore, Phantom is forced to release the Ghost Chess.

Kapellmeister blames MÄR for Phantom's current depressed state. He seeks the legendary ÄRM of the sky castle Clavier in order to restore Phantom to his reign and usurps even the King and Queen. Using the Ghost ÄRM "The Rondo of Time", he accelerates Alviss' Zombie Tattoo and presents a mindwashed Alviss to Phantom, much to Rolan's chagrin.

Seeing his Ghost Chess fighting a losing battle, Kapellmeister admits that he could have been mistaken in his ideals about Ghost ÄRMs. No longer seeing any use in his soldiers, he absorbs them into his body and transforms into a demonic creature. He eventually self-destructs himself in a last attempt to defeat Team MÄR, thus turning his body to dust


Kappelmeister's ÄRM are:

  • Jikan No Rondo:A pendant that accelerates a process of a victims body, such as the spreading of Alviss' Zombie Tattoo. Owned by Kappelmeister.
  • Mekai No Analize:Turns the user into a massive dragon-like beast with venemous fangs. Owned by Kappelmeister.
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