Kannochi Anime
Name Kannochi
Appears In Anime and Manga
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces: Bishop
ÄRMs Body Candle
Dragon Rod
Seiyū (Japanese) Hideyuki Umezu
Voice actor(s) (English) Dave Wittenberg

Kannochi is a Bishop, Rook in the dubbed version, in the Chess Pieces. He is voiced by Dave Wittenberg and Hideyuki Umezu.

Backround Edit

Kannochi states his first memory is from a battle which took place in a village, where he hid from the view of soldiers. At some point soon after, while sitting peacefully in a field, he crushed a butterfly that flew in his hands. Due to Kannochi's love of battle, he would later go on to join the Chess Pieces. Kannochi is a round-headed Bishop with star-shaped eyes who wears a white suit and top hat.

Personality Edit

Kannochi, unlike most Chess Pieces, isn't actually evil, and only joined the Chess Pieces for the thrill of battle and has no interest into other people's pain (though he does obey orders). Kannochi states that he could have just as easily joined the Cross Guard and conversely fight against the Chess instead. Kannochi's character is a reference to Humpty Dumpty.


War GamesEdit

Kannochi is first seen during the 3rd Round of the War Games, where he sleeps throughout the round until his battle comes up. Due to Rolan wanting to fight Alviss, Kannochi is forced to fight Ginta Toramizu, the only one left.

Kannochi opens the battle by using his Darkness ÄRM Body Candle, which curses Ginta into a candle. Kannochi then goes on to eat his ÄRM, seemingly destroying all hope for Ginta to win. After Ginta fails to make Kannochi puke out his ÄRM, Kannochi reveals he only fights with the Chess Pieces for the thrill of battle, and then uses his Nature ÄRM Dragon Cane to speed up the process of Ginta melting.

Ginta then use Babbo's fourth power, Alice. Alice both heals Ginta and removes the curse of him, as Ginta wishes to have a fair fight. With the failure of Body Candle, however, Kannochi himself begins to melt. Ginta attempts to use Alice again, though Babbo says he won't have enough time to do so. Before melting fully, Kannochi gives Ginta some final words to encourage him to keep fighting, and warns him that from then on Team MÄR will be fighting the Knights, the true enemy.

Tokyo ArcEdit

Ginta later encountered a fake version of Kannochi in a fake version of Tokyo. After a brief fight, the fake Kannochi disappeared when the rest of Team MÄR disappeared.

ÄRM Edit

Kannochi's ÄRM are:

  • Body Candle: A Darkness ÄRM that links the target's bodily status to a burning candle, causing them to melt down as it does until there is nothing left. Should it fail, its own user will compensate for its usage by melting himself at a remarkably fast rate.
  • Dragon Rod: Kannochi's cane Nature ÄRM engraved with the head of a dragon which breaths fire.