John Peach
John Peach Anime
Name John Peach
Appears In Anime Only
Gender Male
ÄRMs Demon Tarantula
Seiyū (Japanese) Mitsuo Iwata
Voice actor(s) (English) Vic Mignogna

John Peach is a boy who fancies himself as the future great hero of MÄR, quite ignorant of his dim-witted and cowardly nature. John Peach is followed by three gelatinous creatures called Burube, Torobe, and Garobe, who care very much for his safety.

He has a backpack of ÄRMs that are either too hard for him to use, very weak or do not work right.

Hearing about the Chess raid in Vestory, he appeared there just after Ginta defeated Girom and challenged the boy for Team MÄR's leadership, which he lost miserably (as during each contest, just about every ÄRM he used backfired on him).

When a group of thieves he had defeated (which was due to sheer dumb luck, since the Demon Tarantula ÄRM they used turned on them instead of him) appeared to take revenge on John Peach, he activated Demon Tarantula, only to had himself and his three friends nearly devoured by it, had it not been for Ginta's help.

John Peach left before the Second War Games begun, and returned for once to cheer for MÄR in the Final Battles.

He's seen at the end of the anime training with his three friends as he meditates under a waterfall.