MÄR Wiki
Name Gido
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Female
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Pawn
ÄRMs Flying Carpet (in episode 99)
Seiyū (Japanese) Megumi Toyoguchi

Gido is a member of the Chess Pieces


Gido is Ian's close friend and the only Pawn of the Chess Pieces to be named.


Pre-War Games[]

She accompanied Ian in his second battle against Ginta Toramizu. When Ian is taken down, she holds her ground against the others until she is knocked down by Jack's attack. Due to Ian's loss to Ginta and Ian not following Phantom's orders, Halloween had Ian punished by ordering Chimera to see to Gido's punishment in place of Ian's. Chimera used an ÄRM that ended up transforming Gido into a creature with her body fused with tentacles, unable to speak as she transforms slowly into a hideous creature.

War Games[]

Ian visits Gido after he had slain Rapunzel and became a Knight. Later in the War Games, during a rest night in the Final Battle, when Chimera says, "You will become part of my collection...of deformed corpses," it is indicated that Chimera was the one that gave Gido the punishment that Ian was originally supposed to receive.

Post-War Games[]

Eventually Gido is returned to her human form after Chimera's death when Ian uses the ÄRM that was responsible for her transformation. The couple leaves the Chess Pieces. In the anime, they meet up with Ash, who they quickly befriend, Ash dies protecting Ian and Gido from King, who return the favor by taking care of Ash's friends. Once Ash is revived, she and Ian continue to live with Ash and his kids.