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The Ghost Chess is the name of a group in MÄR: Marchen Awakens Romance. They are a sub-group in the Chess Pieces like the Zonnens. The Ghost Chess are anime-only characters featured in the filler eps 86-93.


Years ago, during the foundation of the Chess Pieces, unknown to many, a group was formed. Shrouded in mystery as they operate in the darkness, this group

It consisted of Chess members who were infatuated with Ghost ÄRMs. They were used against Team MÄR after they won The War Games. The Ghost Chess make their appearance after the battle between Rolan and Candice against Alviss and Dorothy. The Leader uses a special pendant that speeds up Alviss' Zombie Tattoo until it takes complete control over Alviss, putting Alviss under the control of Phantom. They later reappear and capture Team MÄR, along with Chaton and Loco, who happened to be there at the time. With Loco's help, all of them escape. Unfortunately, however, due to Loco's constant use of her Darkness ÄRM throughout the escape, Loco is aged back into a baby.


These are the members of the Ghost Chess.

Kapel MeisterEdit

Voiced by: Jin Horikawa

The leader of the Ghost Chess and admirer of Phantom, he blames Team MÄR and Ginta for Phantom's current depressed state. He seeks the legendary ÄRM of the sky castle Clavier in order to restore Phantom to his reign and usurps even the King and Queen. Using the Ghost ÄRM "The Rondo of Time", he accelerates Alviss' Zombie Tattoo and presents a mindwashed Alviss to Phantom, much to Rolan's chagrin. He's eventually destroyed by Ginta.

  • Jikan No Rondo: Kapel Meister used this ÄRM to speed up Alviss' Zombie Tatoo.
  • Mekai No Analize:

Sarah BandEdit

Voiced by: Yuu Asakawa

The female vice-captain of the Ghost Chess. She's loyal to Kapellmeister. In the final fight with Team MÄR, she uses a Ghost ÄRM with the ability to drain energy on them, and ends up killing herself.

  • ???: Turns the users hands into scythe blades.
  • Ark Torff:
  • Gemul Essen:


Voiced by: Hiroshi Shirokuma

A stalwart man who rarely speaks. He's Pause's partner. Dies when assimilated by Kapellmeister's Ghost ÄRM.

  • Gegenzetsu:


Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe

A midget who accompanies General and acts the spokesperson for both. Dies when assimilated by Kapellmeister's Ghost ÄRM.

  • Verfile:

The FlatsEdit

Flat A Voiced by: Kana Ueda
Flat B Voiced by: Kaori Shimizu
Flat C Voiced by: Mai Kadowaki

A group of three sisters. Also extremely loyal to Kapellmeister, they even refer to him as 'big brother'. They die when assimilated by Kapellmeister's Ghost ÄRM, which transforms him into a monster.

  • Mess: Turns the user's hand into a sword blade.
  • Rotkäppchen:
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