Garon Anime
Name Garon
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Bishop
Family Leno (Son)
Pano (Daughter)
ÄRMs Body Hardener
Stronger Body
Seiyū (Japanese) Hidenari Ugaki
Voice actor(s) (English) Douglas Rye

Garon Rodokin is a Bishop in the Chess Pieces. He is voiced by Douglas Rye and Hidenari Ugaki.

Backround Edit

Garon, at some point in his life, had two children, Leno and Pano. He was quick to train his two children how to use ÄRM. Leno, however, was angry that, while his father had powerful ÄRM, he would only get weaker ones. One day, while training, Leno ran away, with Pano chasing after him. Garon searched for the two, and eventually found then being attacked by a bear-like monster. Without even using an ÄRM, Garon defeated the monster, though he would reveal this only to Pano. The three would eventually join the Chess Pieces, more-likely-than-not very recent before the main storyline.

Personality Edit

Garon is a silent and large but honorable man. He cares deeply for his children and will protect them at any cost. He is very confident in his abilities, however.

Plot Edit

War Games Edit

Garon makes his first appearance during the first round of the War Games alongside his children. After Leno loses and Pano wins, Garon faces Ginta Toramizu. At first Ginta is unable to harm Garon due to his hardened body, though once Ginta summons Gargoyle, Babbo's third form, Garon is nearly killed, though when Pano intervenes, Ginta spares him. At the same time Pano also reveals to Leno that Garon defeated the monster without ÄRM, leading Leno to realize that ÄRM aren't the only key to strength.

Much later, Garon and Ash confront Rolan over his upcoming battle with Alviss the night before the final battle. Garon also points out that Alviss also has explosive ÄRM.

Garon and his family watch the final round togehter. Following Phantom's defeat to Ginta, the family, along with most other Chess Pieces there, leave Reginlief Castle.

Post-War Games Edit

Garon makes his reappearance in a small cottage near Alcalupa Port, where he and Leno, after getting seriously wounded by King, barely make it to Pano before dying, leaving her shocked after her father and brother died. Both of them are revived following King's death. During the end credits of the final episode, Garon and Leno are shown giving Jack, who is dating Pano, a thumbs up, showing they fully support Pano and Jack's relationship.

ÄRM Edit

Garon's ÄRM are:

  • Stronger Body: Nature ÄRM, a ring that enhances one's strength. Garon has five of these.
  • Body Hardener: Nature ÄRM, a ring that hardens one's body. Garon has five of these.
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