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Galian Anime.png
Name Galian
Kanji ガリアン
Romanji Garian
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Knight
ÄRMs Magic Rope
Electric Feather
Electric Saucer
Memory Eraser
Seiyū (Japanese) Yasunori Matsumoto
Voice actor(s) (English) Patrick Seitz

Galian is the name of a fictional character in MÄR. He is a member of the Chess Pieces and the 9th strongest Knight, Galian is also the former leader of the notorious thief guild Luberia, founding it as a sanctuary for the lowest of the world. He is voiced by Patrick Seitz and Yasunori Matsumoto.


During his rule over Luberia, Galian would one day found a wounded man without any knowledge of his past or name, giving him the name Nanashi, meaning nameless.


Pre-War Games[]

6 years prior to the 2nd war, ambitious as he was, the throne of Luberia's chief thief couldn't be satisfying enough to Galian, or rather, not as much as the power promised for him inside the Chess Pieces. Therefore Galian left the position of leader to Nanashi and joined the Chess, but not before wiping Nanashi's memories of him. He was present at Phantom's revival.

War Games[]

After the 3rd Round, Galian is seen with the Knights. During Nanashi's battle with Aqua in the 4th Round, Phantom speaks with Galian. When Candice and Ash are talking before the 5th Round, Galian gets involved in the conversation. Not surprisingly, he fights Nanashi in the fifth round of the War Games (by his request) and appears at the Desert Field after Ash's surrender. Although at first Nanashi can't remember Galian, he soon remembers their history together. Galian is defeated by Nanashi, and Galian admits that he is somewhat jealous of Nanashi.

Post-War Games[]

At the end of the anime, he and Nanashi lead the Thieves Guild together. In the manga, they are just seen sitting together having a drink.

MAR Omega[]

Galian appears once in the background, talking to Nanashi when they arrive at a temple-like place to retrieve a Magic Stone.


Like Nanashi, he fights with lightning-themed ÄRMs:

  • Magic Rope: Weapon ÄRM, an urn containing ropes which tie the opponent. These ropes can keep coming after their target even after being cut and the only way to stop them is to destroy the urn. It is shown in the anime that he must possess at least two of these.
  • Electric Feather: A ring Weapon ÄRM that creates feathers which emit electricity.
  • Electric Saucer (Electric Frisbee): Nature ÄRM, consisting of electrified frisbees that Galian uses for circumdate his opponent. This ÄRM has an electric power that attacks and inhibits the opponent.
  • Hiraiken (Lightning Rod Sword): Nature ÄRM, a sword which absorbs lightning. If enough is stored, it will emit electricity.
  • Memory Eraser: A Darkness ÄRM which erases memories.
  • Torpedine: A ring Guardian ÄRM, summons a giant stingray with a mouth on it's back that fires bolts of incredibly-high voltage lightning at Galian's foes.