Fuugi Anime
Name Fuugi
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Rook
ÄRMs Vindalva
Seiyū (Japanese) Chihiro Suzuki
Voice actor(s) (English) Jaxon Lee

Fuugi is a Rook in the Chess Pieces. He is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki and Jaxon Lee.


Fuugi is a very calm type of person; he does not appear to be angry in some circumstances, but isn't too happy like Chaton.


War GamesEdit

He compliments Snow during the second round and 1st battle, but he loses when Snow's snowman uses a body slam. Fuugi is a wind wielder and is always seen with a Mask.

He returns in episode 66 when he overhears a conversation about a secret switch being hidden.

However in episode 99, Fuugi is killed by the King.


His ÄRM includes:

  • Vindalva: Nature ÄRM. Allows the user to control wind. It has the following attacks:
    • Wind Cutter: Lets the user use the wind to attack as blades
    • Tornado: Produce giant tornadoes. He can produce up to 4 tornadoes at once.

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