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"There are many rougher and sadder things in this world. Even if you don't want to...there are people you have to kill!"

Dorothy (ドロシー, Doroshii) is a witch from Caldea and a member of Team MÄR. She is the first person Ginta Toramizu meets in MÄR Heaven.


Dorothy has pale skin, red eyes, and long pink hair tied in two braided pigtails, each of which have two dark purple jewels in them. She wears a black cap with a ball on the end of it that matches her dress in coloration. The dress goes down a bit past her knees, has short puffed sleeves, a large bow on the lower back, and one slit on her left side that goes up to her hip. Her thighs are typically exposed when she uses her Wind magic or when she is restrained by an opponent. Her dress wraps tightly around her torso, which shows the shape of her breasts. Around her neck she has a white collar that has a mail coach tie with a dark purple jewel on it. In addition to her dress, she wears black boots that go up to below her knees and black gloves that reach up to her elbows and are held in place on her middle fingers and by metal bracelets on her wrists.


Dorothy has developed a protective disposition on Ginta and gave him the nickname "Gin-tan", therefore always inwardly annoyed of Snow, even though they sometimes cooperate. Dorothy is conscious of her attractiveness, and does not mind showing skin, even when in dangerous situations. Dorothy is also rather flirtatious, and commonly uses her charm and body as a way to bribe the male members of Team MÄR, which usually ends successfully. Despite her lovable nature, Dorothy is ruthless in battle, going as far as killing any Chess Pieces members that she can get her hands on, though she later promises Ginta she won't kill her opponents. 


Dorothy is directly based off of Dorothy Gale, the main protagonist of the American fairy tale The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its numerous sequels. A Kansas farm girl named Dorothy ends up in the magical Land of Oz after she and her pet dog Toto are swept away from their home by a tornado. Upon her arrival in Oz, she learns she cannot return home until she has destroyed the Wicked Witch of the West. Dorothy's aptitude for wind manipulation ties her both to Dorothy Gale, who came to Oz riding upon the wind, as well as the witches who dwell within the magical land itself.


Born into an aristocratic family in the isolated magic kingdom Caldea, Dorothy was raised by her older sister, Diana. The absence of their parents are never explored, but it is likely that they passed away when Dorothy was a baby, as she was raised solely by Diana and was her only known blood relative.

Diana was a kind and loving sister that made dolls for Dorothy and repaired them when they were broken, as evident with Pinocchion.

Diana mentored Dorothy on casting magic by instructing her with a small training wand. Dorothy would try to forcefully make the wand blow a gust, but nothing would happen. Diana told her sister that magic responds to the heart. Though she didn't understand at first, she would later successfully create a small gust from the wand. Diana praised her little sister, and then gave Dorothy her Nature ÄRM, Zephyrus Broom.

Dorothy flies with Diana

Diana and Dorothy

Dorothy would try to replicate her success with the wand using the broom, but to no avail. Diana encouraged her not to give up, before giving a demonstration with Zephyrus Broom on a large boulder in front of them and splitting it in half. Dorothy was impressed, and Diana explained that wind was capable of finding the smallest of openings in anything, even rocks and water. Dorothy asked her when she was first able to use magic, to which Diana responded after a dream she had.

The two sisters take off on the broom to fly around the island, observing a village preparing for a festival. Diana tells Dorothy she believes it's their family's duty (and her desire) to protect the smiles of everyone in Caldea and MÄR Heaven, as magic ought to be used for the sake of others rather than oneself. She tells her little sister to let her wind of love blow, so that she'll always love others. Diana then takes Dorothy's hand and gently blows across it, explaining it was a "charm" to help Dorothy let her wind blow. Dorothy thanked Diana, and the two sisters flew off at an even greater speed to enjoy the wind.

However, this happy life of hers changed forever when she was six years old. Diana would break Phantom out of prison, then they stole 798 ÄRMs from the towers of Caldea, and fled the country. As Diana's only living blood relative, Dorothy bore the responsibility to put a permanent rest to Diana's actions in accordance to the laws of Caldea, but was too young to carry out the task of killing her.

Nearly ten years later, Dorothy, a now fully fledged witch, would then set out from Caldea, to kill her sister and reclaim as many ÄRMs as her sister had stolen back for her country.

Departure from Caldea[]

Dorothy has an interest in stealing any uncommon ÄRMs she comes across, heaping up into a wide variety for her collection, but she seems to prefer Guardian ÄRMs and Wind-themed Nature ÄRMs in battle.

While flying over Pazurika Island in search of the Cave of Babbo, Dorothy sees a boy named Ginta running wildly in the fields below. Thinking he may have found a rare ÄRM, she decides to test him by summoning her Guardian ÄRM, Ring Armor, and have it attack him while she watches from a rock pillar. Ginta grabs the suit's torso and, with a bit of effort, sends the armor flying back. Utterly shocked by his apparent strength, he hears clapping and looks up on a rock pillar to see the pretty witch applauding him.

Ginta Meets Dorothy

Dorothy meets Ginta Toramizu.

Dorothy jumps down to introduce herself and reverts the suit of armor into a ring that flies back to her. Dorothy praises Ginta's strength against the suit of armor despite it being the weakest Guardian ÄRM she owns. Ginta immediately grabs her by the arms and asked what she just did and to do it again. Confused, Dorothy told him about ÄRMs, then quickly realized that Ginta had none. Dorothy comes up with an idea to use Ginta's unusual strength to her benefit, offering her Weapon ÄRM, Ring Dagger, as a reward.

The duo arrive at a nearby sealed-off cave and Ginta is quick to rush in and punch a large opening in the rock wall with his fist. Enthusiastic about his physical performance having vastly improved, he darts in with Dorothy close behind. Part of the floor Ginta steps on collapses into a hole in which he falls into. She helps him get out but asks him if he was just going to be burdensome and suggests that he leaves. Ginta quickly assures her that he wouldn't fall again, as his excitement from being in another world was so overwhelming that he was distracted from paying attention to his surroundings. Dorothy asks him to clarify, and Ginta responds that he's from Tokyo. Suspicious about if it were true, the two casually walk through the tunnels and she tells him more about ÄRMs. She denies letting Ginta have the ÄRM that they're retrieving, saying she already promised him the Ring Dagger. He complains that she was being stingy and asks what she was going to do after she's done collecting. Dorothy turns to him and ominously replies that it's a secret, giving Ginta chills.

The two finally reach the last room and Ginta attempts to run to the treasure chest ahead, but Dorothy stops him from running into danger. The jewel embedded into the side of the stone table that upheld the chest begins to glow, summoning the Guardian ÄRM, Rock Giant Golem. Ginta confidently punches it but rolls on the ground in pain, failing to damage it. Dorothy counterattacks by summoning her Guardian ÄRM, Flying Leo. Ginta watches the in awe, enamored by the power of ÄRMs, before realizing the ÄRM in the chest must be even more amazing. He dashes past the two Guardians and jumps onto the stone table. Excited to see what kind of ÄRM it is, Ginta opens the chest, utterly shocked that it's alive, sleeping and has facial hair. The ÄRM's snot bubble pops and he awakens, surprised to see a dumbfounded boy staring at him from above. He then looks around, asking himself where he was, how long he had been sleeping, etc. but not being able to remember anything. Ginta stands straight up and raises his hand, calling to Dorothy to ask a question. Dorothy, whose attention had been focused on directing Flying Leo on the fight, hollered back to hear Ginta's question. Ginta asks if ÄRMs could talk, and Dorothy irritably retorts that ÄRMs like the Guardian type can only speak if they're activated and any ÄRM that could speak on its own would be creepy. Insulted, the ÄRM jumps out of the chest to yell back at her, demanding an apology from Dorothy, who is horrified at the talking ÄRM. Ginta asks who he was, and the ÄRM replied that his name was Babbo, his name being his only remaining memory.

Babbo stubbornly refuses to leave with them, causing the battle between Rock Giant Golem and Flying Leo to drag out and cause the latter to be destroyed. The Guardian then grabs Dorothy in its hand and makes its way towards Ginta. Ginta grabs Babbo by the mustache and hurls him at the golem, which lets go of Dorothy as it falls back. Ginta leaps up and thrusts the enlarged hammer down on the Guardian's head, knocking it out and defeating it. Dorothy smiles at his innocent squealing of excitement before deactivating Rock Giant Golem to its accessory form to take for herself.

Outside the cave, Babbo and Dorothy bicker over the matter of being her ÄRM as she lifts him up to yell at him, only to immediately drop him due to his weight. Stunned that Ginta was able to throw something so heavy, she realized that she wouldn't be able to take Babbo and offers him to Ginta, warning him that having such a rare ÄRM would attract bandits and thieves. Dorothy kisses Ginta on the cheek and flies away on her broom.

Later, Dorothy re-encountered Ginta in a frozen castle and squealed for their reunion. She briefly chats with Ginta, Babbo, Jack, and Edward, informing them of her intent of looking for ÄRMs in the castle and instructs them to go save the girl frozen in ice. After they leave, she turns her attention on the nine Pawns who were hiding in the darkness and summons her favorite Guardian to kill them. By the time the ice had melted, Dorothy had already exited the castle, flying above and looking down to watch Ginta's group leave as well.

Dorothy Trains Jack

Dorothy gives Jack some Magic Stones and takes him on as her student.

When she was secretly following Ginta, Alan detected her and recruited her into group without her consent, as he throws her into the Gate of Training with Jack. Dorothy laments being paired with him, as she would've preferred being paired with Ginta rather than the "monkey". She is quick to get over it though, and makes the best of the situation. She took Jack on as an "apprentice" and gave him some extra Magic Stones, teaching him the ways of maximizing his ÄRM's potential. Dorothy does no training herself during this time, merely relaxing while overseeing Jack's training with Alan's Guardian ÄRM, Bumoru.

Second Great MÄR-Heaven War[]

Dorothy and Jack are second to emerge from their gate to defend Alan against Ian and Gido. Gido targets Jack, as she thinks she can at least defeat the opponent with the lowest magic level. Dorothy tells Jack to take on the Pawn for looking down on him. Jack displays the results of his training by using his newly upgraded Earth Scoop to perform an Earth Wave technique and repel her. Ian makes an offer to Ginta give him a Holy ÄRM if he allows them to retreat. Ginta accepts the offer, and after Ian and Gido leave, Ginta shows his new dog tag necklace that Snow etched made for him with the emblem for their new group. Dorothy questions why they don't just join the Cross Guard, and Snow tells them of the prophecy the Lestavan oracle gave to her. Snow declares that they shall form Team MÄR, a new group to fight the Chess Pieces in place of the tattered Cross Guard. Without her consent, Ginta counted her as the fifth member of the team, but she accepted after admitting to herself she wanted to stay with Ginta and wanted to investigate why the Chess were hunting Snow.

Departing from Pazurika Island, they head for the Hild Continent, with Dorothy riding her broom and the others on Edward's Dimension ÄRM, Magic Carpet. Edward gossips to Ginta about Dorothy's notoriety and how rare it is for a witch to be seen outside of Caldea. Dorothy calls out to Edward to question him, and he covers himself by telling her he was complimenting her beauty, which delighted her and fueled her vanity.

As Team MÄR crosses over the northern shores of the Hild Continent, they are attacked from the ground by Luberians led by Nanashi, believing them to be Chess Pieces, though he later realizes his mistake. Nanashi is quick to befriend Team MÄR, once he becomes excitable at the sight of Snow and a glimpse of Dorothy's exposed legs. He squeals over the two cute girls, voicing his desire to escort them rather than steal from them, before being pulled away by his followers to calm down. Once he is settled, he properly introduces himself and fellow bandits, and invites Team MÄR to tag along with them back to their fortress. Ginta asks for Snow's input, and then accepts. Nanashi uses his Andata ÄRM to warp everyone back to Luberia Fortress.

Nanashi leads Team MÄR into the shambled first main hall and listens to their story. He reveals to them the state of the world. Nanashi also leads them to the cemetery behind the fortress, the graves of which commemorate those massacred by Peta. A bandit comes to inform Nanashi that the town of Vestry was under siege by the Chess. Nanashi then decides to join Team MÄR as the sixth member, and takes them to Vestry, where two Chess Pieces are causing another massacre. The surviving villagers inform them that the two Chess Pieces who attacked them were still there, delving into Vestry's littoral cave that contains an underground lake. Ginta, Babbo, Dorothy, and Nanashi volunteer to go after them while Jack, Snow, and Edward stay in the village to help.

They split off into two directions, with Nanashi paired up with Dorothy. They eventually encounter a Bishop by the name of Orco. Nanashi volunteers to fight him alone, saying that his desire to pulverize the Chess was no less than Ginta's. Orco angrily throws a punch downward at Nanashi, only to miss and smash the ground instead due dodging. He then grabs smaller rocks made from the impact and chucks them at Nanashi, but his quick (yet frantic) movements leave him unscathed. Dorothy activates her Broom of Zephyrus, saying it was to risky to continue watching, but Nanashi assured her it was nothing he couldn't handle. Orco admits to being hungry and pulls out sausages from his pocket to consume. As he eats, he warns them of who he is and his intent to kill them. Nanashi tells him to savor the sausages he ate for it would be his last meal. He interrogates Orco for information regarding who was responsible for the attack on Vestry and asks how it felt after Orco admited his and Girom's guilt. His anger grew as Orco boasted about how fun it was to destroy houses and frighten people. Nanashi tells the brute that the cave would be his grave, causing him to angrily throw another punch. Nanashi effortlessly stops Orco's fist with the palm of his hand, shocking Dorothy with his intense physical strength. He then jumps up and punches him back in the face, declaring him to be weak. Orco flies back into the pool of water behind him, and Nanashi asks him who among the Chess wields an ÄRM that sucks out blood. Orco is quick to respond Peta's name, hoping he would be spared from Nanashi's wrath. Satisfied, he uses his Electric Eye to zap Orco, its power intensifying due to the conduction of being in the water.

Dorothy's Burden

Dorothy dwells on her painful mission.

Team MÄR spent a couple more days in Vestry. During this time, she also refereed the contest between Ginta and John Peach. On their last evening there, the village headman thanked the entire team by individual name. Dorothy stated she hadn't done anything to earn thanks. She gets up go for a walk alone.

She sits at a well and looks up at the moon when Ginta approaches her. He asked her if she was unhappy, and responds with a joke about him giving her the strange key ÄRM he received in the lake would make her happy. Ginta then asks what her objective was traveling abroad from her homeland of Caldea. Dorothy hesitates to answer, but then tells him that she is collecting ÄRMs and searching for a "certain woman" so that she may kill her. Horrified, Ginta immediately assumes it to be a joke and responds accordingly to break the tension, but Dorothy's lack of response causes him to realize she was being serious. Suddenly, an intoxicated Snow kicks Ginta from behind, complaining that she was bored because he was busy talking to Dorothy instead.

War Games[]

Round 2[]

For the last match of the second round, Maira and Dorothy step forward onto the battlefield. Maira announced that he will present Dorothy as the first corpse in the war game. Dorothy smiles commenting that Maira doesn't know who she is.

As the round begins Dorothy summons her Guardian, Ring Armor, to test Maira's abilities. Maira comments that it is a guardian anyone could use and is being underestimated. The Ring Armor charges towards him but suddenly stops when Maira activates his own guardian, Vaqua. Vaqua engulfs Ring Armor within it, where it then cracks and shatters, destroying the ÄRM completely. Maira tells her that he'll gladly give Vaqua to her if she can defeat him in response to her interest in acquiring it for her collection. Dorothy then summons a new guardian, Rock Giant Golem, she acquired while trying to acquire Babbo. Immediately nicknaming it "Brikin" upon summoning, the giant golem delivers several huge punches to Vaqua causing it to splatter, only to immediately reform.

Maira tells Dorothy of Vaqua's great power by measuring it to the number of its victims, both Guardian ÄRMs and humans alike, and how it allowed him to receive two class promotions from his original rank of Pawn. Dorothy hypothetically suggests that if Maira were to lose, he would be demoted back to a Pawn, and asks if he would rather die than accept that. Maira, unfazed by Dorothy's change in demeanor, does not recognize the danger he is in.

Changing her strategy, Dorothy recalls Brikin. Maira sees this action as a surrender and brags about giving team MÄR their first corpse. While he's gloating, Dorothy activates her Dimension ÄRM, Zipper. As she uses it a large zipper appears in the space next to her and begins to unzip revealing a separate dimension. She puts her hand in and begins rummaging through it commenting where she'll find the ÄRM that will kill him. She feels through several ÄRMs within the zipper aren't the one she's looking for. Maira impatiently orders Vaqua to attack. Suddenly, Dorothy finds the ÄRM she's settled on using. She pulls out a small chain ending in a dog's head, radiating an aura. Maira ask if it's a weapon of a guardian, commenting that regardless Vaqua will kill her soon. He commands the guardian to engulf and destroy her. Dorothy then activates her Guardian ÄRM, Rain Dog. As Vaqua charges at her the air itself begins to crack and reveal a hole that Vaqua flies into. Within the hole emerges sounds of crunching and slurping, as if something is enjoying a fine meal. Both teams watch apprehensively, when suddenly the broken pieces of Maira's ÄRM are spat out from the hole. Maira rushes over to pick up the pieces from the sand. Dorothy invites her Guardian, "Toto", to step out onto the battlefield.

A beast emerges from the rift in space to his master's side. Dorothy asks how Vaqua tasted. The beast now revealed to be a huge wolf comments that it was too syrupy. She then gets angry at Toto commenting she wanted that are to which the large guardian apologizes. She calms down and brushes the loss off, saying that it wasn't really suited to her taste anyway. Maira, still horror-struck that Vaqua was literally eaten, stands up to look upon the Guardian at her side. Dorothy properly introduces her gluttonous Guardian ÄRM, Rain Dog.

Toto's attention turns to Maira as he finally realizes he's in danger and frantically states that he doesn't have any more ÄRMs and surrenders. Pozun begins to call the match but Dorothy interrupts, refusing to let the match be over. She points out how many lives Vaqua ate and how he should experience what it's like to eaten, too. Maira begs for mercy, but Dorothy merely reminds him who she is. With his master's permission, Toto sucks Maira into his mouth and devours him whole. Dorothy jokes that the first corpse of the War Game is a Chess Piece.  

Round 4[]

After Rapunzel maniacally laughs at killing Mr. Hook, she becomes irritated when Ginta and Dorothy called her an "old hag" while yelling at her. The rest of Team MÄR criticized her appearance and lack of mannerisms further, causing her eyes to bloodshot with rage. Girom physically held her back from charging at the opposing team, promising her the best spot in the battle lineup. Rapunzel screamed she wouldn't be satisfied until both Ginta and Dorothy were dead.

Dorothy volunteers for the third match and invites Rapunzel to be her opponent, referring to her as an "old hag" again. Rapunzel aggravatingly stated she was only 29 years old, but Dorothy joked that she must be lying about her age since it didn't reflect her appearance. Girom stops his sister once more from attempting physical assault on Dorothy, insisting that she was far more beautiful than the witch. Rapunzel blushes at her brother's flattery, and steps back for Avrute to fight the witch.

Dorothy One-Shots Avrute

Dorothy immediately strikes down Avrute with one attack.

Before the match began, Ginta asked Dorothy not to kill anymore and she happily accepted, pinkie-swearing with him. The match ending almost as soon as it began, Dorothy defeats Avrute effortlessly and almost instantaneously with her Ring Dagger, assuring Ginta that she avoided any vital spots so that he'd live.

After Ginta defeated Girom, Rapunzel became enraged and demanded that he fight her. Ginta accepted her challenge, only for Dorothy to step in due to him being a bit worn out. Due to being the one with the most energy and magic power left, Dorothy substituted in for Ginta as Rapunzel's opponent, taunting her by calling her an "old hag" again.

As the fight begins Rapunzel says she's go nice and easy to start things off. Rapunzel then activates her Nature ÄRM, Ice Spikes, which causes a series of spikes to emerge from the ground and head towards Dorothy but she easily jumps to avoid them. Dorothy says that she's being underestimated and such an attack wouldn't even work against Jack. Rapunzel responds that she is beautiful and Dorothy should look around. Dorothy does and noticed the Ice Spikes have surrounded her. Rapunzel uses the Spike Sandwich technique to fold and slam into Dorothy. Rapunzel restates that she is beautiful and gives a thumbs-down gesture while calling Dorothy a "bitch".

Everyone is worried for Dorothy when they notice she has has blocked the spikes from sandwiching her with the Zephyrus Broom then shatters the spikes with a blast of wind from her ÄRM. Rapunzel meanwhile comes to the realization that Dorothy is a wind master. Rapunzel then ask whose mastery is strong, ice or wind and attacks with another wave of spikes. Dorothy easy counters this with another swing of her broom reducing the spikes to rubble once again. Dorothy say it's too bad and that the spikes didn't reach her. Then Dorothy sends out a small blast of wind that cuts Rapunzel's face. The cut on Rapunzel's "beautiful" face causes her to lose herself in anger and attack Dorothy with intent to kill.

Rapunzel activates her Nature ÄRM, Hair Master. This lets Rapunzel manipulate her own hair and sends several cones of hair to create a barrier between her and Dorothy. Dorothy prepares to use Zephyrus Broom again to slice apart Rapunzel's hair. Before Dorothy can launcher her attack she is speared through the stomach by part of Rapunzel's hair. Dorothy realizes that the hair has hardened significantly and that Rapunzel wasn't making a barrier with her hair but instead sending it through the ground to attack with. Rapunzel explains that wind users have a weakness, that their immediate surrounding as similar to an eye of a hurricane and that is where they are weakest and that wound Dorothy just received should prevent her from using wind for the rest of the match. Rapunzel attacks Dorothy with a barrage of attacks cutting her all over her body. Rapunzel comments that just like Girom, she also takes delight in killing women. She monologues her traumatic past as justification for her current self and tells Ginta that after she kills Dorothy she'll advance to the next round where he'll will be her next victim.

Dorothy activates her Guardian ÄRM, Crazy Quilt. The chatterbox guardian begins going into a long monologue of how long it was put away for. Dorothy tells Crazy Quilt that Rapunzel is the prey for the day. Quilt takes one look at Rapunzel and comments on her monstrous appearance. Quilt refuses to fight and says freedom is better used picking flowers, skipping stones or playing with kids. After noticing Dorothy's severe wound, Quilt's attitude changes and she wants to make Rapunzel pay for what she's done. Quilt charges in all the while dodging Rapunzel's Hair Master attacks. Dorothy orders Crazy Quilt to sing and the guardian begins to sing a cacophonous song with nonsensical lyrics at an absurdly high volume. Rapunzel covers her ears screeching in pain. While Rapunzel closes her eyes in pain as she desperately clasps her ears trying to block as much of the singing as possible, Dorothy swaps Crazy Quilt out to immediately cut her with a single sharp gust of wind from her broom. The wind leaves a severe slash across Rapunzel's right breast and knocks her to the ground, resulting in her defeat.     


Dorothy interrogates Rapunzel.

After Pozun declares her the victor, Dorothy limps over to Rapunzel on the frozen ground and looks upon the fallen knight. Dorothy asks if her if she knows a woman named Diana. Rapunzel gasps in shock, surprised that the witch knows the identity of the Queen of the Chess, confirming Dorothy's fears.


After the fourth round, she informs Alan about Diana and later asks her teammates to travel with her the following day to her homeland, Caldea. When they arrive at Caldea Castle, Dorothy informs the Grand Elder that she had finally found Diana, much to Snow's horror on hearing her name. With the rest of Team MÄR confused, Alan explains the existence of the Chess King and Queen classes, as well as the history of Dorothy's older sister after she wed the King of Lestava.

Ginta, still appalled by Caldea's barbaric honor killing laws, openly questions the Grand Elder before Snow interjects with her own rationale. Snow reasons that it is hard on her, too, but out of duty and obligation she is willing to fight her own step-mother.

During that time, Phantom and an army of Rooks attacked. Dorothy faced off against some Rooks attacking a part of Caldea while Ginta fought the other Rooks and Phantom.

Round 6[]

In the 6th Round, she faced off against Pinocchion.

Dorothy VS Pinocchion

Dorothy VS Pinocchion

The match begins, and Dorothy starts by making small talk with her wooden opponent. With each question she asks, Pinocchion's nose grows longer as he repeatedly answers with lies. Finally, his elongated nose turns into a firearm barrel and Pinocchion fires a huge blast from his gun-like nose. The blast engulfs Dorothy but when the dust settles Dorothy still stands, ready for battle.

Thinking he was being underestimated, Pinocchion states that he hates people like Dorothy. One of Pinocchion's arms begins to tremble and spin until it splits into a third arm. He then activates his Weapon ÄRM, Saw Blade, and creates a saw-like sword in each hand. Ginta is surprised that Pinocchion grew another arm and Alan informs him that it's due to Pinocchion being a puppet and not due to any sort of ÄRM. Dorothy uses her Nature ÄRM, Zephyrus Broom, and Pinocchion begins to swing his saw blades wildly, leaving her only able to block the barrage. Despite Dorothy's attempts to block all of his attacks one of the saw blades gets through her defense and slashes her forearm. Dorothy dashes backwards to put distance between her and Pinocchion. Despite the distance, Pinocchion throws his saw blades at Dorothy who effortlessly destroys them with a gust of wind from her ÄRM.

Dorothy comments that Diana truly made such a violent and evil toy. Pinocchion then attacks with Wire Hands and launches his hands towards Dorothy, grabbing her limbs. Pinocchion's chest then opens up revealing a circular saw that begins spinning and Pinocchion's hands begin to draw Dorothy towards the saw. Dorothy summons her Guardian ÄRM, Rock Giant Golem, and drops the Guardian on both herself and Pinocchion. When the battlefield, Pinocchion is shown to have lost two of his arms and a leg. Dorothy comments that Pinocchion's body isn't good anymore and that Dorothy will break him into pieces.

Pinochhion grabs an ÄRM with his remaining hand and yells that if he manages to defeat Dorothy then Diana will turn him into a human. Pinocchion summons his Guardian ÄRM, Fastitocalon. The Guardian swallows Dorothy and Pinocchion shouts with triumph that now he'll get to become human.

After being swallowed by the titanic whale, Dorothy finds its stomach is littered with debris that was previously eaten. She spots a figure in the distance and meets a strange creature named Poco, who was also swallowed by the Guardian. Poco mentions he lives in the belly of the guardian but most people become swallowed by the whale they dissolve to nothing but bones due to his stomach acids. Dorothy mentions that escape is no problem and attempts to activate Rain Dog but to no success. Poco mentions that for other ÄRMs to work they need permission from Poco himself. Poco was cursed by Diana because when he used to be a servant Poco accidentally stepped on Diana's skirt and he was cursed to live inside the guardian for the rest of his days while not being allowed to melt in the stomach of the beast. Dorothy promises Poco if she is allowed to use her ÄRMs she'll kill the Guardian and free both herself and Poco. Poco doesn't believe anyone can kill Fastitocalon but Dorothy gives Poco a kiss and tells Poco that killing the whale in one shot wound be a problem.

Outside, the match is about to be called when suddenly Dorothy's Guardian ÄRM, Rain Dog, bursts out of Pinocchion's Guardian with Dorothy and Poco in tow. Fastitocalon's chain shatters, and without any hesitation Dorothy orders Toto to destroy Pinocchion's body.


Dorothy as a maid named "Rumi".

When it came to the latest Gate of Training activate by Gaira, she ended up in a recreation of Tokyo, Japan. Like the rest of her teammates (save Ginta and Babbo), she was unknowingly pierced with a memory pierce that suppressed all of her memories of her life, and was left to wander around the vast fabricated world created from Ginta's memories.

She eventually sat on a park bench in deep thought, when a young woman named Minako found her and extended her hand of hospitality. Minako then took Dorothy to her mansion to place her by her side as a maid. With Dorothy unable to remember her own name, she calls her by the name "Rumi", and is referred to as "big sister" by Dorothy.

Ginta, Babbo, Jack, and Nanashi finally stumble upon Dorothy sweeping outside the mansion gate. Ginta rushes up to her to converse but startles her into pardoning herself and heading back to the mansion. Nanashi steps in to block her way so Ginta could remind her who he was. Timidly, Dorothy politely excuses herself by jabbing him in the cheek with the tip of her broomstick and runs back inside.

Later, Dorothy lines up with other maids in Minako's bedroom. Minako instructs her to stay and do her hair and dismisses the others to leave. Dorothy asks Minako if she wanted her hair tied up for the upcoming luncheon appointment later in the day, but she kindly turns reminds Dorothy of her promise to address her as "big sister" when alone. She corrects herself and blissfully proceeds to comb Minako's hair.

Round 7[]
Match 1[]
Match 2[]

Just before the match begins, Gaira warns Dorothy not to drop her guard as the techniques that Chimera uses are most troublesome, having experienced them when he was defeated in the preliminaries.

Match 3[]

Dorothy swiftly equips her Nature ÄRM, Zephyrus Broom, as Chimera responds by summoning a school of monstrous multi-eyed fish that charge at Dorothy as she charges in. She swings her broom to repel the fish with her wind, which then goes for Chimera. Chimera merely exerts magic power that cancels the wind out and rushes up to confront Dorothy face to face during which Chimera's right arm takes on a grotesque monstrous appearance and attacks Dorothy with it. Dorothy takes the powerful attack but Gaira warns that Chimera's power is much greater than what has been displayed so far. Chimera's left arm transformed, this time into a dinosaur-like skull and spine and again attacks Dorothy. She holds Chimera back briefly with her broom before Chimera manages a quick swipe at her left side, ripping some of Dorothy's clothes. Chimera laughs, complimenting her sexy body. Disturbed by this perversion, Dorothy asks if toying with girls was a hobby. Chimera admittedly chuckles, and Dorothy charges again with her broom.

Despite missing, she then knees Chimera in the face and kicks back. Chimera attempts to attack but she brushes it off and summons her Guardian ÄRM, Rock Giant Golem, onto the arena. The landing nearly crushes Chimera and stirs up a dust cloud. Dorothy then recalls Brikin, thanking it as she kisses it in its accessory form.

As the dust settles, Chimera is revealed to still be standing as Brikin only destroyed the mask. Laughing, Chimera's true identity is revealed: a woman with a large scar across her face and a mass of eyeballs over her right eye socket. In response to Dorothy's shock that she was a woman, Chimera laughs more in amusement, stating that she is simply "Chimera", nothing more and nothing less. Chimera then exclaims that Dorothy will be added to Chimera's collection. Dorothy disturbingly acknowledges her to have "great taste" in victims and refuses, calling her a hermaphrodite. She taunts Dorothy by saying she isn't much for a sorceress, just like how the old geezer wasn't either.

Chimera continues by asking if Dorothy is she is aware of what Ghost ÄRMs are. Dorothy mentions that they are forbidden ÄRMs that fuse with the body when used. Chimera finishes the conversation by mentioning that she is a master of them and fires a blast with her Ghost ÄRM, Howling Demon, which hits Dorothy exposing more of her body. The crowd exclaims that Chimera's hand isn't human to which Chimera responds that she threw away her humanity after her fiancé was murdered and she herself mutilated by a mob of Chess-hating civilians.

Alviss asks Alan if civilians were truly doing such acts. Alan confirms it, saying that groups frequently went on witch-hunts for them after the first war. Horrified, Alviss acknowledges Chimera as another victim of the war. Chimera turns her attention to Alviss to state that she doesn't need any sympathy from the Cross Guard, as she joined the Chess for revenge, and emotional pain only hurts if one has a human heart.

She showcases her Ghost ÄRMs for each arm and comments that they suit her mutilated body. Dorothy having heard Chimera's story informs her that Chimera is living on the hate from the war but will get no pity for Dorothy regardless of the past Chimera is burdened with. Chimera exclaims that she's fine with that and proceeds to attack again. Dorothy's pretty body and defile it and add it to Chimera's collection, just like with the pawn Gido.

Hearing the confession, Ian leaps down onto the arena between the two fighters to confront Chimera for being responsible for Gido's ongoing suffering. Dorothy kicks Ian back and reminds him that it's currently her battle and that regardless of the outcome he needs to wait his turn. Ian reluctantly agrees and steps off the the arena. Pozun calls for the match to resume.

Chimera activates the Ghost ÄRM, Ogre Hand, and both of her arms once again deform, becoming overly long and grotesque. Chimera launches a flurry of blows as Dorothy summons her Guardian ÄRM, Crazy Quilt. The chatterbox observes how how undressed Dorothy has become until she's ordered to do something about Chimera. Chimera ask what can such a small ÄRM do, which offends Crazy Quilt. As Chimera launches on of the Ogre Hands at Quilt, Quilt dodges it quite easily even after Chimera sends the other arm to stop Quilt. Quilt gets face to face with then proceeds to recite an awful song. Though Crazy Quilt attacks with sonic waves through song, it has no effect on Chimera. Chimera uses another Ghost ÄRM, Ghost Tail, to swipe at Crazy Quilt, knocking the bottom spin cap off. Dorothy recalls Crazy Quilt as there's no further use for her in the current battle.

Dorothy challenges Chimera to ask her own heart what it is that she truly hates. Agitated, she yells at her to shut up and insists that it's all of the world she hates and that she threw her heart away long ago. Dorothy calmly tells her that she has thirty seconds to either realize the truth or defeat her, and should Chimera fail to do either in that time frame then Dorothy will finish the battle once and for all.

Dorothy vs Chimaira

Dorothy facing Chimera in her strongest form, Chimaira.

Chimera activates her strongest Ghost ÄRM, Chimaira. Chimera is fused to the chest of a giant monster with drills for arms and proceeds to try and take out Dorothy. Dorothy taunts her by evading the attacks with a sort of dancer's grace while Chimera's own energy is rapidly draining. Dorothy calls out that thirty seconds have passed, and asks again if she's realized the truth yet. Chimera simply answers with the content she'll have if all humans are wiped out. Disappointed, Dorothy asks if she herself would be saved by doing such a thing. She further explains that all she was doing was using hatred to cover a heart stained with sorrow, and that her participation in the War Games was proof that heart still existed.

Enraged, Chimera moves to rip her apart. Dorothy yells that her hatred can't be resolved in the War Games as she summons her Guardian ÄRM, Rain Dog, and orders Toto to eat his fill of her pain. Toto leaps around to dodge Chimaira's attacks. He gets pinned under the right drill but breaks it apart. Toto jumps up to shatter the left drill with a swipe of his paw, and proceeds to tear apart Chimaira's body. Crying out in pain, her ÄRM deactivates and she lands on her back. Dorothy walks up to Chimera, who weakly insists that it still doesn't hurt. She then regains some strength to stand up, and announces that she no longer cares about the War Game and teleports away. As Pozun declared Dorothy to be the victor of the match, she sadly concluded that Chimera not only threw away her happiness as a woman but also as a human.

After the War Games[]

Ginta and Dorothy prevented Pinocchion, Kouga, and Girom from capturing the Grand Elder of Caldea. When it came to storming Lestava Castle, she and Alviss face off against Rolan and Candice, the latter of which grabbed Dorothy by the breasts and then gave her a bearhug, arousing her (to her surprise) and breaking several ribs. For the first time, Dorothy was soundly defeated. She and Team MÄR were captured by the Ghost Chess, but escaped. When it came to the threat of King, Dorothy and Ginta free Caldea's Grand Elder from one of Diana's ÄRM.

During the final arc, Dorothy finally faces off against Diana. As the two trade blows, Dorothy was increasingly being overpowered, at one point completely restrained by the tentacles of Diana's Octopus ÄRM. However, at one key moment, she kills Diana by throwing a knife that lands through her chest. Shortly after the two exchanged parting words, Dorothy was hit in the chest by an attack from King, and dies in Ginta's arms. After Ginta defeated King, she was revived and managed to confess her love to Ginta and kissed him on the clouds. When the MAR Team, Ian, Gido, Loco, Chaton and Ash bid their farewell to Ginta and Danna on their return home, Ginta felt disappointed Dorothy did not came. In reality, Dorothy watched him as she fly on her Zephryus Broom. As Ginta returned to his world through the Gatekeeper Clown, she confessed once again her love for Ginta and screamed Ginta's name in the air. She was seen flying on her Broom of Zephyrus at the end of the anime.


Dorothy's ÄRMs include:

  • Ring Dagger: A Celtic dagger Weapon ÄRM which Dorothy uses as her weapon when she doesn't want to waste her energy on the Broom of Zephyrus. Dorothy is quite deadly with this weapon and is completely capable of killing in one strike. This dagger actually has great significance throughout the series - it is the arm that she offers to Ginta when he gets to Mar Heaven. It is also the ring that she used to dispatch one of the bishops during the ice ring fights. Finally, it is the ring that she uses to kill her sister with, being thrown like a throwing knife.
  • Broom of Zephyrus: A Nature ÄRM taking the form of a besom is almost always seen near Dorothy. She uses it to fly and shape her particular element - wind. It can create anything from a breezing blow of wind to multiple raging tornadoes or a sharp cut that can behead the target, and the power can be boosted several times by expanding its joints (a trick seen in the anime only). It is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs.
  • Antidote Tonic:Holy ÄRM used to cure poisons.
  • Andarta: An extremely handy Dimensional ÄRM ring that allows Dorothy to teleport to anywhere she has been before.
  • Zipper: A Dimensional ÄRM giant zipper that allows Dorothy to store her ÄRMs in an extra-dimensional space for storage. It can be used in battle for fast change of ÄRMs.
  • Ring Armor: A common Guardian ÄRM that summons a living suit of armor. It's quite weak and is mostly for testing an enemy's strength. It was destroyed in the second War Game Round.
  • Flying Leo: A Guardian ÄRM that summons a flying lion.
  • Rain Dog: Nicknamed "Toto", it is a giant three-tailed dog Guardian ÄRM with his own will that can eat absolutely anything, varies from normal foods, metals, Weapon ÄRMs to enemy's projectiles and guardian ÄRMs, and their users. Although sentient and extremely powerful, Toto is afraid of Dorothy's wrath since he knows that without her he wouldn't have "good food" to eat (powerful and/or rare ÄRMs). He is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs.
  • Watching Bird:A Dimension Guardian ÄRM that takes the form of a large purple hummingbird. The bird flies to watch whatever it is sent to watch, while the user has a ring that shows a hologram on the ground, which is whatever the bird sees.
  • Rock Giant Golem: Nicknamed "Brikin", it's a giant suit of rock armor bracelet Guardian that originally Alan owned and used to guard Babbo.
  • Crazy Quilt: A Guardian ÄRM loud-mouthed, whimsical female puppet that wears dirty clothes and has no legs (it levitates above the ground) that can move with great agility. It can generate ultra-loud sounds in the form of a song, able to render opponents and anyone in the immediate vicinity senseless, however towards adversaries of upper level magic, they are useless, as seen in the battle with Chimera. She is not afraid to make fun of Dorothy, even groping her exposed breast after her clothes were torn off. However, she gets very angry at whoever injures Dorothy and even more so if described as a weak ÄRM. She is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs.
  • Crucified Scarecrow: Another of Dorothy's original Guardian ÄRMs, a ragged crucified scarecrow. Once Dorothy's command is issued, the scarecrow will be "activated": it will spin at wild speed, and the consequent centrifugal force with the scarecrow's metallic drill hat makes a deadly double blow.


  • Five of Dorothy's ÄRMs are based of 'Wizard of Oz' characters. Rain Dog is "Toto", Crucified Scarecrow is "The Scarecrow", Ring Armor is "The Tin Man", Flying Leo is a combination of "The Cowardly Lion" and "The Flying Monkeys" and 'Crazy Quilt' is "The Patchwork Girl".
  • Dorothy's dress is similar the Wicked Witch of the West, her namesake's initial antagonist. Being a good witch, Dorothy is also similar to Glinda (the Good Witch of the South, who supplanted the Wicked Witch of the South) or the unnamed Good Witch of the North.
  • She ranked fourth in the character popularity poll.
  • Edward's private nickname for Dorothy is a pun on her name using the Japanese word for "thief", which is 泥棒 (dorobō). Thus, in English, the pun is best translated as "Dorothief".
  • In the manga, all Dorothy's opponents in War Games die, either by her hand or by another Chess Piece.
    • Her 1st opponent, Maira, was eaten by Toto.
    • Her 2nd opponent, Avrute, was initially spared by Dorothy after she promised Ginta she wouldn't kill her opponent, but immediately after the match Rapunzel killed him as punishment for losing to the enemy.
    • Her 3rd opponent, Rapunzel (the same one that killed Avrute), was killed by Ian (class Rook) in a duel ordered by Phantom (leader of class Knight) as her punishment for killing most of her teammates in the fourth round. At first, Phantom want to punish Rapunzel himself, but then choose to give her a chance to escape his wrath by dueling Ian. Insulted that her opponent was just a Rook, she underestimated Ian and in the end, her head was decapacitated by Ian. Phantom then declare Ian as a new member of Zodiac Knight replacing Rapunzel.
    • Her 4th opponent, Pinocchio, was destroyed by Rain Dog Toto (although Pinocchio is a doll, it's still considered "dead" because it can't move again by itself).
    • Her final opponent, Chimera, died after her confrontation with Ian, although the cause of death is not clear, as after she surrendered and gave Ian the Holy ÄRM to heal Gido, she either dies from wounds inflicted by Ian or from exhaustion of living.
      Hayate the Combat Butler - Ginta and Dorothy Cameo

      Ginta and Dorothy in Hayate the Combat Butler.

  • Ginta and Dorothy both make cameos in episode 5 of Hayate the Combat Butler.
  • Dorothy's exposed nipples during her battle with Chimera were censored in some releases of the manga.
  • Dorothy and Ginta are the only ones who never lost a battle in the War Games.