Name Boss
Kanji ダンナ
Romanji Danna
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Cross Guard
Family Ginta (son)
Seiyū (Japanese) Toshihiko Seki
Voice actor(s) (English) Keith Silverstein

Danna Toramizu is Ginta's father and the former leader of the Cross Guard during the first War Games under the title Boss.


Danna was obsessed with a "fantasy world" while in the human world, which he would later be taken into, and is both courageous and a role-model, though he is also very stubborn. All of these traits are shared by his son, and it is commented upon several times in the series their remarkable resemblance.


Danna lived with his wife and their young son Ginta and took to telling his son stories of the magical world of Mar.

Six years ago, Danna was summoned to the world of Mar by Alan while there he agreed to help the cross guard in defeating the Chess Pieces in the War Games. During his time in Mar, Danna took on the title of Boss and was seen as a great hero by the other members of the Cross guard including a young Alviss. He often told stories of his family to his comrades as the team achieved many victories.

In the final round of the original War Games, Danna managed to defeat Phantom, the leader of the knights, but was fatally wounded in the process. His body was later taken into usage by the King, while his soul was moved into Babbo. When the King is defeated, Ginta transfers his father's soul back into his body, and Danna is resurrected. At the end of the anime and manga, he leaves to return with his son Ginta to Earth world and his waiting wife

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