Cross Guard
Cross Guard emblem
Kanji クロスガード
Romanji Kurosu Gado
Leader Danna
Other Members Alan, Gaira, Alviss, Jake

The Cross Guard is the name of a group in MÄR.


MÄR-Heaven's guardian faction aiming to defend the world against the Chess Pieces. It was founded approximately 6 years ago (precisely the time of the 1st War) uniting warriors from all over the world by MÄR-Heaven's sovereign kingdom, Lestava - whose Queen, Diana, also presented its soldiers with powerful weapons called ÄRMs equal to that of the Chess Pieces' to confront them. Commanded by Danna of Earth world - summoned to MÄR-Heaven through a Dimension ÄRM Diana gave them, the Monban Piero - Alan of Lestava and Gaira, later hailed as the 2nd and 3rd man, Cross Guard emerged triumphant in the 1st War with the death of Chess Pieces' leading Knight Phantom in the War Game (the extent to which it was capable of fending off the Chess in the war stage not documented). However, with Danna also dead in a stalemate with Phantom and most of its strongest War Game participants (according to Pozun, the referee of the 2nd War Game, the number was around 30) sacrificed, this feat is remembered by most Cross veterans as a pyrrhic victory. Vitally decapitated, the Cross Guard engages the Chess Pieces in the 2nd War only to be overpowered after feeble attempts to obstruct the mass raid (while not receiving any help from the 2nd-in-command, Alan). Although devastatingly weakened, it still partakes in the 2nd War Game with soldiers led by Gaira the 3rd-in-command, however they are all wiped out by Pawn-ranked Chess in the preliminary round before the Game starts, save for only Alviss who later joins Team MÄR and Gaira, who miraculously survives a fight with the Knight Chimera, but is disqualified as a result of his defeat.

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