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Crazy Quilt (クレイジーキルト, Kureijikiruto) is a Guardian ÄRM. A puppet that wears dirty clothes and has no legs (she has a single needle at the bottom). She can generate ultra-loud sounds in the form of a song, able to render opponents and anyone in the immediate vicinity senseless, however towards adversaries of upper-level magic, they are useless, as seen in the battle with Chimera. Quilt has her own will as shown during the battle against Rapunzel when she refused to obey Dorothy and only starts attacking when she notices her master's injury. She is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs, a patched ring.

Etymology and Origin[]

Crazy Quilt is based on the Patchwork Girl from the Oz franchise. Nicknamed "Scraps", she is a living rag doll made of patchwork and brought to life by a Munchkin magician named Dr. Pipt by means of his Powder of Life formula to be a servant for his wife Margolotte. Ojo overloaded her with magic brains in the process of bringing her to life, and as she happily jumped around she accidentally spilled the Liquid of Petrifaction on Mrs. Pipt and Ojo's uncle, consequently turning them to stone. Much of their first adventure is gathering the ingredients to find a counter-spell.

She later became the companion of the Scarecrow, who found her quite beautiful.

The Patchwork Girl was likely influenced by the character of Topsy in Uncle Tom's Cabin, and she may have influenced the character of Raggedy Ann.