Battle Shovel
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Battle Shovel
Name Battle Shovel
Type Weapon
User Jack
Manga | Anime
Battle Shovel 2

The Battle Shovel bracelet

The Battle Shovel is a bracelet class Weapon ÄRM. While unactivated it is a bracelet that hangs from the wrist with a miniature shovel pendant hanging from it. When the ÄRM becomes invoked it causes the appearance of a regular sized shovel.

Normally the shovel is just a Simple ÄRM that is made for doing yard work with no special abilities. But with the addition of magic stones it makes the Battle Shovel a Weapon class ÄRM. These magic stones give the user the ability to use the shovel to manipulate the earth and plants into attacks.


  • Earth Wave: By placing the Battle Shovel in the ground the user can send forth an earthquake from the shovel towards their enemy.
  • Earth Beans: Using the Battle Shovel's control over plants the user user can cause small beans that they have to grow instantly into gigantic vines. With this the user can manipulate the giant vines to ensnare their enemies.
  • Magic Mushrooms: By sending out spores onto the enemy the user can use the power of the Battle Shovel to cause the spores to quickly grow into mushrooms on the enemy. These mushrooms then emit hallucinogens into his enemy, causing them to see illusions.
  • Bean Shield: By using the Battle Shovel's power to increase the growth rate of plants the user can grow a giant, hollow bean that can be used to hide inside to avoid and shield from attacks.
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