Avrute Anime 2
Name Avrute
Appears In Anime and Manga
Gender Male
Affiliation Chess Pieces:Bishop
ÄRMs Shelakey
Seiyū (Japanese) Daiki Matsubayashi
Voice actor(s) (English) Joe Cappelletti

Avrute is a member of the Chess Pieces who is currently at Bishop Rank. He is voiced by Daiki Matsubayashi in the Japanese version but is voiced by Joe Cappelletti in the English version. He appears in episodes 32 and 33.


Avrute's appearance consists of a fiend jester-like appearance with an activated ARM on one of his hands.


War GamesEdit

Avrute was on Rapunzel's team in the 4th Round. He challenges Dorothy in the 4th round of the war games and in the 3rd battle of the 4th round. He loses to Dorothy when he overestimated his own ability by claiming his ARM can cut through anything especially ARMs, nevertheless Dorothy sliced him with her Ring Dagger at the non-vital points of his body. Rapunzel then kills him as punishment not wanting to waste rock-paper-scissors on him.


  • Shelakey: A Weapon ÄRM in the shape of a large clawed gauntlet, it can supposedly cut through anything, even other ÄRMs. Always spotted in activated form.