Episode guideEdit

Season 1 2005

  1. Open! The door to the other world!!
  2. ÄRM of legend! Babbo !!
  3. Jack! Initiate Battle Shovel!!!
  4. Ginta! Reclaim Babbo!!
  5. Alviss, The Mysterious young man
  6. The girl inside the ice, Snow
  7. Awaken! Another Ed!!
  8. Resurrected Knight, Phantom
  9. Gates of Trial, Merillo and Bumulo  
  10. The Second  Märchen War
  11. I'll Show You! Babbo: Version 2
  12. Luberia's Boss, Nanashi!
  13. Battle of the Underground Lake! Nanashi VS Orco!!
  14. Babbo Version (3)! Go Gargoyle!!
  15. 7th Member? John Peach!?
  16. The Beginning of the War Game
  17. 1st Battle 1! Alviss Vs. Leno!!
  18. 1st Battle 2! Jack Vs. Pano!!
  19. Captain Ginta! Gargoyle Vs. Garon!!
  20. Gate of training returns! We'll teach you how to fight!!
  21. Field! Fighting Princess!!
  22. Nanashi vs Loco! The Cursed bad doll!!
  23. The Witch to be feared! Dorothy!!
  24. Phantom's secret enjoyment
  25. The Man Who Arrived Late! Alan!
  26. Show your stuff Jack! Funky Fungi!!

    Season 2 2005-2006

  27. Snow at the Volcano Mountain Range Field!!
  28. Cursed candle! Ginta VS Kannochi!!
  29. Another Zombie Tatoo! Alviss VS Rolan!!
  30. Shiver! Phantom and Zodiac Knights!!
  31. Shadow Battle! Gargoyle VS Black Gargoyle!!
  32. Quietened Fight Spirit... Alviss' Power
  33. What became of Jack! What to do Dorothy!?
  34. Aqua and Akko-chan and Nanashi style!
  35. Counterattacking Girom! Ebura vs Gargoyle!!
  36. Dorothy VS Rapunzel, Sing. Crazy Quilt!!
  37. To the magic kingdom, Kaldea
  38. Result of Invader Phantom's and Ginta's Fierce Battle...
  39. The Knight who loves children, Ash !!
  40. The World's Best Decisive Battle?! Snow VS Emokis!!
  41. The Stolen Magic Power! Alviss' Crisis!!
  42. Pleasant Feeling! The stone master Knight, Candice!!
  43. Battlefield of Death! Psycho Space!!
  44. Fated Death Struggle! Nanashi VS Galian!!
  45. Lightning X Lightning! Nanashi's Recollection of Memories!!
  46. The reborn Knight Ian's Revenge!
  47. Alviss' Wounds
  48. Dorothy's Rage! Tower in The Desert
  49. Zonnens! The Attack at the Training Gate!!
  50. Alviss X Nanashi! The Forbidden Labyrinth
  51. Dorothy X Snow! The Temptation of Rouge
  52. Reach Out! The Wish for Sixth Sense!!

    Season 3 2006

  53. Defeat Phantom
  54. Alan's Goosebumps
  55. The Unforgiving Alviss
  56. Dorothy is eaten
  57. Snow smiles
  58. Ian's Anger
  59. Ginta returns to Tokyo
  60. Nanashi's Reckless Move
  61. Deep depths of Dorothy's mind
  62. Alan the Detective
  63. Alviss and the girl
  64. Koyuki's mask
  65. Lillis of the wonderland
  66. Reginlief's princess's secret
  67. Roko and the new cursed ÄRM
  68. Beginning of the Last Battle
  69. Jack and the Flame Guardian
  70. Rematch: Alviss VS Rolan
  71. Eternal moment
  72. Sorrowful bride (Chimera)
  73. Alan's Old Wound (Trauma)
  74. Farewell Old Friend (Halloween)
  75. Luberia's Oath
  76. Scarlet Claw (Garnet Claw)
  77. Ginta Vs. Phantom

    Season 4 2007-2008

  78. The Diabolic Cat Guardian
  79. The Deathmatch Settles
  80. The Cute Visitor
  81. Splitting Babbo
  82. Roar of Revival
  83. Ian and Bride
  84. Get Back Snow
  85. Tempest of Love, Zephyrous Broom
  86. The Round Dance of Time (Rondo)
  87. Fortified city Barugain
  88. Phantom's Dream
  89. Awakening of Zombie Tatoo
  90. Klavier of  Oblivion
  91. Alviss's Closing Eyes (No Name)
  92. Misty Castle
  93. Analysis of Hades
  94. The Scattered and Dyed Rose
  95. The Truth of Snow
  96. False Peace
  97. Flame disperses, Water sleeps
  98. Farewell, tender-hearted Chess
  99. Light of Alviss
  100. Tempest of Woe, Zephyrous Broom
  101. Ginta Vs. Danna

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