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Name Andata
Type Dimension
User Nanashi
Chess Pieces
Manga | Anime
Andata 2.png

The Andata ring


Andata (or Andarta) is a ring Dimension ÄRM. The ring has a circle set on top of it with what looks like a shutter inside of it.

The ability that belongs to this ÄRM is the power over teleportation. The teleportation is activated through a verbal command given by the user. The command has include both the destination and who is going to be teleported. To be able to teleport to a destination it has to have already been programmed into the ring. For a location to be programmed into the ring the owner has to have been to the location before. Another person may use someone else's ring to teleport a location that they have never been before as long as the previous owner programmed it into the ring. When telelporting with this Dimension ÄRM the user always has to be included in the teleportation when using it on other people. The name is Italian for 'outward voyage'.