13 Totem Pole

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13 Totem Pole 2

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13 Totem Pole 3

Name 13 Totem Pole
Type Weapon/Guardian
User Alviss
First Manga Appearance Chapter 12
First Anime Appearance Episode 5
Manga | Anime
13 Totem Pole

The 13 Totem Pole chain

The 13 Totem Pole is a unique ÄRM. In its unactivated form it is a chain with 13 segments that each are in the design of the sections of a totem pole. It has two modes where it functions as both a Weapon and Guardian ÄRM. The first is its Rod Mode where it becomes a Weapon ÄRM staff. The staff is made up of the 13 sections of the totem pole. In its second mode where it is a Guardian ÄRM it becomes a fully sized totem pole that rises out of the ground.

In its Rod mode the staff makes a really good close combat weapon. The ability that this weapon has is the ability to increase its length. When it extends the force of that extension is strong enough to damage an enemies weapon. By using its ability to increase its length a user can user the staff as a makeshift pole and pole jump to areas that were previously inaccessible.

In its Guardian Mode it allows the user to cause a number of giant totem poles to rise from the ground. The number of totem poles can vary every time it is used. Using the totem poles there are many ways to attack the opponent. The user can cause the totem pole to emerge directly underneath the opponent which will send them flying. One can also make one totem pole burst through the ground at high speeds to attack an opponent with a surprise attack. Once the totem poles have surfaced they can be directed to charge at the opponent at great speeds. The totem poles can also separate to fire individual sections at the opponent. This can also be used defensively where a totem pole is fired out of the ground to intercept an attack before it can hit.